Apple Art Project and Bulletin Board for Developing Fine Motor Skills

Developing Fine Motor Skills

This is a fun and creative art activity for students based on an apple tree. They will develop their fine motor skills by cutting, gluing, and writing. The result will be a range of beautiful displays individually designed by each child that you can use to decorate the classroom.

What You Need

You’ll need a few things before you can start this activity.

  • Reproducible picture of a tree.
  • Green construction paper.
  • A variety of colored construction paper.
  • The following items should be in red, green or yellow: large sequence, buttons, small plastic beads, etc.
  • Liquid glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue stick.
  • Pencils.
  • Journals.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Copy the drawing of the tree onto green construction paper. Make one copy for each child.

2. Have students make dots of glue on the tree.

3. Have students cover the glue dots with the chosen objects (sequence, buttons, beads and so on).

4. After the “apples” are dried, instruct the children to carefully cut out the tree and adhere it to a piece of construction paper. By adhering the two pieces of the construction paper together, the tree should be more sturdy. Children should apply tree to paper with a glue stick. A glue stick will not create “glue lines” that will be visible through the front of the tree.

5. Display the 3-D apple trees throughout the classroom. You should adhere the project to the wall with either double sided tape or a staple or two. The picture will be heavy.

6. Children can vote on their favorite 3-D apple design. Allow them to describe what it is that they like the most about the apple chosen.

7. In addition to the fine art apple project itself, you can also have each child state what it is they love most about their apple. Record their answers in a journal. Give the students writing practice by writing the word “apple”.

8. If doing this as a 3-D effect art project with older children, allow them to write a sentence describing their apple.