Exploring the Deep Sea: Kindergarten Scuba Diver Art Project

Exploring the Deep Sea: Kindergarten Scuba Diver Art Project
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Under the Sea

“Under The Sea” is a very popular thematic unit for kindergarten classrooms. Why stop at only exploring the animals that live in the ocean? Children will love learning about scuba divers and the preparations they go through before diving. Try reading Scuba Diving from the Living on the Edge series by Shane McFee. This book does a great job explaining a scuba diver’s job and has beautiful photographs of some undersea creatures.

When your class has explored the undersea life forms and your classroom looks like a saltwater aquarium, it is time to try a kindergarten scuba diver art project!

Step by Step Scuba Diver

This art project can be a collaborative effort from the whole class rather than an individual art lesson. Split your classroom into four groups, and give each group a special assignment. Group one will find a snorkel for the scuba diver. Group two will be finding the flippers. Group three will find a mask so the diver can see underwater. Group four will recreate the wet suit.

  1. Arm each group with photographs and books about scuba divers. Be sure each group understands the importance of their scuba diving equipment. Help them learn three facts about their equipment before getting started on creating the pieces.
  2. Before adding the equipment, the class must construct a scuba diver. Use chicken wire to construct the outline of a child-sized human form.
  3. As a class project, cover the chicken wire with a simple papier mache cover and allow the scuba diver to dry for a day or two.
  4. Give the groups a few days to gather the equipment they will need, and ask parents for donations if possible.
  5. Once the scuba diver is dry, allow each group the chance to explain their equipment, give the three facts they have learned about the equipment, and place it on the scuba diver.
  6. Once the scuba diver is dressed and ready to snorkel, point out that if he wants to dive into very deep waters, he will need an oxygen tank.
  7. As a group, use recycled materials to create the scuba diver’s oxygen tank.

Some suggestions for creating the oxygen tank include using two liter soda bottles for the tanks with a length of garden hose attached. Craft a mouthpiece for the diver to wear from other recyclable found materials and attach it to the scuba diver using elastic. The tank can be attached to the scuba diver using elastic or an old pair of suspenders. Create a regulator using construction paper or cardboard. Be sure children understand the importance of the oxygen tank and explain that while a snorkel is great for looking at animals near the surface of the water, deep sea diving requires an oxygen tank.

Your kindergarten scuba diver art project can decorate your room for as long as you continue your under the sea thematic unit!

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