Advice for Parents of Teens

The teenage years are definitely a time when you wish that each of your children came with a survival guide that contained all the answers to teens’ mysterious, angst-riddled, hormone-laden souls. But, alas, as we've already discovered multiple times in this parenthood journey, no such guide exists. So, we've gathered together experienced educators and teachers to provide advice and opinion on issues pertaining to parenting teenagers. You'll also find articles from college students and recent grads whose teen years aren't that far behind them, and who can lend much needed perspective on the ups and downs, the challenges and issues that high school students and their parents typically face.

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  • More Educational Apps That Teach Important Skills
    Many kids are constantly staring at one screen or another, so finding ways to provide educational material is essential. Learn about some apps that can help kids excel in math, reading and more.
  • Preparing Preteens for High School
    Your child will encounter many things while in high school, many decisions that will be forced to make and many situations that they need to be ready for. Helping a preteen prepare mentally and emotionally beforehand can make for a smoother transition.
  • Writing Techniques that Help Students Ace Standardized Tests
    With the new testing season almost upon us, parents should be aware of what is required so they can help their children prepare. Depending on the particular type of test –ACT Aspire, SAT, or any of the new computer-based tests—all require writing as an important part of the assessment.
  • How to Prepare Your Teen for the New SAT
    What do you and your teen need to know about the new SAT coming in Spring 2016?
  • Preparing High Schoolers for College Entrance Exams
    One of the biggest challenges facing educators and parents today is how to prepare them for the college entrance exams. Discover ways to help your teen get ready for these significant tests.
  • The Importance of Friendship before Dating (for Teens)
    Dating is serious business for teens and, as a parent, your job is to provide guidance that protects them as much as possible. Although you cannot possibly prevent every broken heart, you can teach them to get to know a potential boyfriend or girlfriend before things become too serious.
  • Goal Setting For Teens
    Whether the goal involves getting that important scholarship, improving in their basketball game or getting into the right college, goals are important. Goal setting is not a skill we are born with and requires some thinking to set the right goals. The goals should be specific to what you wish to ac
  • Helping Your Teen Plan for a Life Career
    To your teen, adulthood and a career may seem like a lifetime away, but as a parent, you realize it is just around the corner. You cannot make this major life decision for your child, but you can provide guidance and assistance to make it easier.
  • Starting High School - Tips to Get Your Student Off to a Good Start
    These tips for starting high school may mean the difference between a traumatic first day of school and one that is glided through with ease. Use these tips and the knowledge of your child's personality to make their transition a smooth one.
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