Preschool Letter L Activities You Can Do at Home With Your Child

Preschool Letter L Activities You Can Do at Home With Your Child
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Homework activities for preschoolers don’t necessarily have to be paper, pencil and sit- at- the-table types of events! You can reinforce

concepts on which your child is working by playing games, reading specific books together or having simple conversations while riding in the car or doing the dishes. Homework activities for preschool children to go with the letter L will help you get started. Then you can adapt the ideas for other letters, too.

Where Can I find It?

Here’s a lovely idea using the beginning letter L to get your child thinking and building vocabulary. Play “Where can I find it?” Tell your child that you are going to ask him/her about words that all begin with the letter L. Your child has to tell you where they can find it. There may be more than one answer depending on your child’s prior knowledge or experience. For example: Where can I find a lemon? Your child may answer “on a tree” or “at the store” or “in the refrigerator”. Where can I find a lion? You may get the answer “in the jungle” or “at the zoo”. Encourage more than one answer. Provide answers for those that your child doesn’t know.

Where can I find it?

  1. a lion
  2. a lemon
  3. a leprechaun
  4. a lollipop
  5. a ladder
  6. a llama
  7. a light bulb
  8. a limousine
  9. licorice
  10. a lamp
  11. a letter
  12. liquid
  13. lips
  14. a lamb
  15. a lizard
  16. a leaf
  17. a library
  18. a lawn mower
  19. a lobster
  20. LOVE

Read an L Book!


The children’s section of the library (an L word) should have several choices by Leo Lionni. (Our L author!) A great choice by Leo Lionni is Little Blue and Little Yellow. It is the most simply illustrated book I’ve ever seen but your child and you will Love (There’s that L again!) it!

Tactile Activities

Sometimes it requires repetitive tactile experience to learn the alphabet. Here are some ideas.

Use a small baking pan with sides and pour salt or sand in it. Ask your child to draw the letter L with his/her index finger and say the letter at the same time.

Have some play-dough or clay on hand. Ask your child to make the letter L.

Use buttons or coins to make the letter L.

Put water in a plastic dish. Use an old paintbrush and “paint” L’s on the sidewalk or patio outside.

Use an old magazine and cut out all of the letter L’s that you can find. Glue/paste them on a large piece of paper and hang it up.

Other L Activities you’ll Love!

  1. Lunch—eat it or pack it
  2. Lawn—play in it or lay on it
  3. Leaves—collect a variety of leaves to make a picture
  4. Lines—draw lines with a ruler. Can you make a picture with only straight lines?
  5. Ladder—climb one on a sliding board
  6. Letter—write someone a letter
  7. Library—Go there to find some books.
  8. Lettuce, Lasagna, lemonade—plan dinner with L foods.
  9. Look—hide something and then ask your child to look for it
  10. Love—How about a hug?

Together with your child laugh, learn and love with the homework activities for preschool children to go with the letter L. When you spend time with your child learning school-related things, your child will see that you value education and learning.