Teach Students About Different Animal Habitats by Creating Their Own

Animals Habitat: Grades K-5

This lesson’s objective is to teach your students about how animals live in the wild. They will learn about the environments in which different animals live (habitats), how they survive in that environment and they will research current conditions of that habitat.

Divide your class into groups with approximately four students in each. Have each group select a habitat to learn about or assign one if there is overlap. Choose from: Grasslands, forest, tropical rain forest, desert, polar ice region, tide pools.

Using library research and Internet sources and have your students research facts about their selected habitat. They should cover such facts as temperature, plant life, animal life, food sources, human population, average daylight hours, average hours of darkness, how plants, animals and other living things in their habitat are dependent upon each other for life, and any other items they are interested in discovering. Ask the students to give real world examples of each of these habitats in our world.

Have the students co-operatively create their habitat. Ask them to make it as realistic as possible and make sure to include at least 4 animals and plants native to their habitat. Have them make a plan of what they will create, materials that will be needed, where these materials will be obtained, and who is responsible for each part. Your students should also create a rough timeline for completing each step of this project, from beginning to final completion and presentation to the class.

Allow students time to work on the project and track their progress as per their timeline and plan.

Upon completion of the habitat, students should create a 10 minute presentation to the class about their habitat. Have each group compile questions for the class and engage in conversation about what they have learnt. Have the students select and read a book, short story or news article that is related to their habitat.

As the teacher you should oversee each group and teach them in small groups about each animal habitat. Any information that is incorrect or missing you should fill in the blanks. Have suggested readings for each group to utilize and ideas for their habitats.

At the completion of each group’s presentation ask the rest of the class to write two questions they have about the habitat they have seen. Extend the lesson by reading the questions and having a Q & A session with the class.