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America At War WebQuest


Beginning with the French and Indian War, the United States has been involved in many internal and external conflicts that led to war. Much of the warfare has taken place on American soil, while other conflicts involved overseas battles. The cost of some wars has been high in both human and economic terms, while others have provided the nation with new territory and opportunities, such as the war for independence from Great Britain. This America at war WebQuest will help you learn about the impact of those wars on the society and culture of the United States


With the wars in America WebQuest, you will explore in what domestic and international conflicts the United States has participated and you will create a poster to demonstrate what you have learned.


Use these websites to gather your information.

Make a poster to illustrate what wars the United States has participated in and why (causes of the war or reasons for the U.S. joining), the combatants on both sides, the casualties on both sides, the outcome of the war (who won), the treaties ending the conflicts, and the results of the war (change in territories, etc.). You may include important people from the wars, if desired.

You must include each of the following wars, but you may find others that you choose to include, as well.

* American Revolutionary War

* War of 1812

* War with Mexico

* American Civil War

* World War I

* World War II

* Cold War: Proxy Wars

o Korean War

o Vietnam War

o Cuban Missile Crisis

o Gulf Wars


Make your poster neat and easy to read. You may use pictures from books or the Internet, but you must cite the source. Be creative in designing your report poster; try to find a unique way to present the information you learn.

When you have completed your poster, construct a well-written persuasive essay on the following topic. Be sure that you have solid support for your assertions and that your paper is free from spelling, grammar and syntax errors. Turn in only a typed or neatly handwritten document; illegible copy will not be accepted.

* Many people assert that the United States has an obligation to assist weaker nations whose citizens are denied basic human rights, both because we have the strength and resources to ensure that all people are treated humanely, and because all nations are affected by the condition of others. Others favor a policy of isolationism, in which the United States considers only her own citizens and stays away from the concerns of other nations. Take a stand: Does the United States have an obligation to any part of the rest of the world, or can the country exist more properly as an island unto itself?

The activities for this webquest come from the author’s classroom experience.

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