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Seven Wonders of the World: The Great Lighthouse at Alexandria Lesson Plan

written by: Jacqueline Chinappi • edited by: Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch • updated: 9/19/2014

This will be the last lesson on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Here we will learn about the lighthouse of Alexandria, which is located in Egypt. Students will have a chance to make their own timelines and their own lighthouses.

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    The Great Lighthouse at Alexandria was one of the most advanced technological achievements in the 3 Century B.C. This lighthouse was Lighthouse of Alexandria by Hermann Thiersch in Wikipedia erected under the rule of Ptolemy in Egypt. The lighthouse helped to guide trade ships in the harbor and many tales have come about of how the lighthouse was destroyed and then found on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea nearly 2000 years later.

    Students will learn about Lighthouse as well as the geography and history of Alexandria through maps and timelines. Students will also have a chance to construct their own lighthouse with help from the teacher.

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    The Lesson Plan

    1. Introduce the students to The Great Lighthouse at Alexandria by reading Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by Lynn Curlee. You'll find information on all of the Seven Wonders in this book, but for this lesson you can concentrate on The Great Lighthouse at Alexandria.. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by Lynn Curlee 

    • Where is Alexandria located? (Egypt)
    • Who founded Alexandria? (Alexander the Great)
    • What was the purpose of the lighthouse? (Guide ships into the harbor)
    • What does the word pharos refer to? (Lighthouse)

    2. Help students to create a timeline for the city of Alexandria starting at 332 B.C.

    3. Show students where Alexandria is located on the map. Explain that Alexandria is located in Egypt, on the continent of Africa. Click here for a free map of Egypt. With this map make copies for the students and have them mark down where the Lighthouse was located.

    4. Create a lighthouse: Click here for a wonderful and creative lighthouse project.

    5. Homework assignment, Internet research:

    • Have students research and look up different lighthouses.
    • Can they find a lighthouse in the area in which they live?
    • If they can, write a small report on this lighthouse; or otherwise choose any other lighthouse in the world.

    After this lesson students will have worked on a creative art project, learned about the history and geography of Alexandria as well as learn about the destruction behind The Great Lighthouse at Alexandria.