"The Sisters Grimm" Word List & Student Activity for Middle School

"The Sisters Grimm" Word List & Student Activity for Middle School
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Sabrina and Daphne Grimm’s parents have disappeared and for over a year and a half they have been moved from one foster home to

another. Now they are being taken to their grandmother’s home. But how could that be? Their grandmother is dead. At least that’s what they thought. After meeting this bizarre woman who claims to be their grandmother, she is kidnapped by a giant. That’s when the girls become detectives and begin the search for her. In this article your students will study important vocabulary words from the first book in the exciting series by Michael Buckley.


Listed below is The Sisters Grimm Fairy Tale Detectives word list. Included with the words are the page numbers where the words can be found.

1.melancholy: page 1

2.curtly: page 3

3.quirk; page 4

4.radiator: page 4

5.crone: page 7

6.gaunt: page 10

7.hemmed and hawed ( hem and haw): page 11

8.musty: page 14

9.precariously: page 15

10.dumbfounded: page 29

11.seethed: page 34

12.sabotage page 34

13.mutated: page 35

14.persecuted: page 66

15.posterity: page 66

16.ambassador: page 67

17.infestation: page 67

18.lunatic: page 71

19.gelatinous: page 116

20.psychotic: page 125

21.sordid: page 134

22.bulbous: page 148

23.rotund: page 157

24.kamikaze: page 167

25.cur: Page 174

26.traipse: page 197

27.tenacious: page 183

28. insolent: page 189

29. espionage: page 236

30. careening: page 272

You may choose to divide you class into groups to do the following:

1.Assign words to each group

2 Students should look up the word in the book and copy the sentence in which the word occurs.

3.Then look the word up in the dictionary and write the meaning that best fits the way the word is used in the book. Collect the papers to use for the game on another day.

4.Students should also list the part of speech for each word.

5.Students should then come up with a way to teach the words to the rest of the class.

6. Teacher should move from group to group and offer help with pronunciation of new vocabulary and ways to teach the word to the rest of the class in the form of skits, charades,etc.

7. Allow enough class time to teach the words to the class.

On a separate day, divide the class into two teams making sure to mix up the original vocabulary groups. Write the thirty vocabulary words on the board and read one of the written definitions for a member of a team. If the player guesses the right word the team gets a point. Go back and forth until every player gets a turn.

As an assessment on the third day, write the words in categories according to the parts of speech on the board. Each student should write a designated number of sentences using words from two categories in each sentence correctly. For example: The psychotic man went careening down the dangerous mountain in a snowstorm.

Additional Activities


There are several words that can be illustrated on the list. Divide a 12” x 18” paper into six section and choose six words to illustrate. For example: draw a face with a bulbous nose.


Divde the class into two teams and play charades. Use the vocabulary words and the book characters.

With the variety of ways you’ll be practicing The Sisters Grimm Fairy Tale Detectives word list, you will address every learning style that your students have. You will will learn some new words, read a unique book and have some fun, too

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