WordMaster Helps Middle School Students Prepare for the SAT

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The WordMaster Challenge can be used as another preparation for the verbal SAT in English and the English A. P. exams. Over 4,000 school teams participate across the United States. However, there are many more benefits, and the challenge is great for the competitive student.

Challenging Vocabulary for the Middle School Student

The WordMaster company sends challenging vocabulary, the analogy challenge, and practice analogies to the teacher three times a year. The vocabulary is quite difficult. Not only do the students need to learn every possible definition and usage for the 25 words on each list, they have to be able to compete in a challenge that uses analogy questions.

There are three challenges that happen in the fall, winter and spring. For example, grades seven and eight take an analogy test as their challenge.There are twenty multiple choice questions with four possible answers. As the year progresses, students may see vocabulary words that were from the first list on the last analogy challenge.

To be successful, students need to know how to think through analogies. Some class time may need to be devoted to teaching students how to complete analogy tests.In addition, there are no extra worksheets to help the students learn the vocabulary words. There are some helpful hints; however, the teacher must come up with the practice ideas. The words change every year, so lessons created one year cannot be used the following year.

Demanding Analogy Challenge

This WordMaster Challenge is a challenge.For students to receive an average score, they may only score 10 out of 20. Some students have not faced work this demanding before and must study to receive high marks on the challenges. There are two levels of WordMaster challenges: blue and gold. However, the blue (the lower level of challenge) is tricky.

When students have completed the test, teachers need to email or fax the scores into the WordMaster headquarters. The top students across the nation are listed in the next packet of new words. At the end of the year, WordMaster will send certificates and a medal for the school’s top finishers.

For my talented and gifted students, the challenge is fun. Depending on the level of your students, you may want to use the gold level. However, the blue level is demanding enough for my students. I use games to help the students learn the words and we take a whole month practicing general analogies before I hand out the first set of words.