Create Comic Strips in Class to Learn Latin and Greek Root Words: Creative Lesson Idea

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Write Comic Strips in Class

This lesson is an extension of the superhero lesson plan (see the series below), in which students used their knowledge of Greek and Latin Roots to create a superhero. In this lesson, students will be placed into groups and formulate a comic strip in which their superheroes are the stars!

Materials Needed:

  • 11x17 sheets of white paper (several per group)
  • A Comic Strip Template
  • Map Colors, markers, or crayons
  • Greek and Latin roots list with definitions
  • Comic Book - must be a well-known superhero comic to show students as an example

Divide students into pairs, or groups of three or four. Keeping groups smaller will be more beneficial to the overall lesson plan, because having more than four superheroes involved in the comic strip will make creating a plot line difficult.

After dividing the groups, instruct them to share their Greek and Latin Roots Superhero with the group. Each student should take the time to read the description they wrote about their superhero, and explain what “super powers” the hero possesses. The students should breakdown the meaning of their superhero name to the group and explain why they chose that name. Using the example of “HYDROMAN” from the previous lesson, the student would explain that “hydro” is a Greek and Latin root meaning “water”, therefore the Hydroman Superhero has talents and powers that involve the use of weather. They should also describe the costume, and explain any special elements they have drawn.

After sharing each hero with the group, take out your comic book that you have brought to use as an example, or you can print out this example of a Superman comic strip. Go through each box, and explain how dialogue plays just as important of a role as illustrations. Inform students that they will be creating their own comic strip, but their superheroes will be the focus of the strip. The plot will center on their Greek and Latin Roots superheroes working as a team to battle evil, save the day, or whatever conflict the students feel their heroes should fight!

Using the 11x17 scratch paper, tell students to use the paper to begin jotting down plot ideas and illustrations. They will be required to make a five-box comic, using a template. (You can require more boxes, but five is a manageable starting point for “rookie” comic strip creators!) Encourage students to create an “evil villain” or adversary for the superheroes to battle using a Greek and Latin roots list to formulate the name of their evil villain. You can create the requirements for the strip, and designate how much text and other elements you hope to see in the final product. This lesson is an excellent way to extend your students’ knowledge of Greek and Latin roots, that doesn’t involve rote memorization!


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