Creative School Projects for Greek Mythology: Project for Middle School Students

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A Choice of Mythology Projects

This lesson can be completed after students complete a research paper on a Greek or Roman god, as in part one the lessons in this series. Or, this can be stand-alone project.

Place Students into Small Cooperative Groups

First, place students into small groups. These projects work best with groups of two-to-four students. Students should all have work that is to be completed individually within the group. There should be a group grade and an individual grade so that students are held accountable as an individual and as a member of a team. Students will write research papers for an individual grade. The group grade will come from the chosen project.

Preparation for Activity

Next, tell students that they have a choice of activities that focus on learning more about Greek or Roman mythology. Each group must complete a bit of research to complete the activity. So, gather as many books as possible on the topic for students to peruse and secure the computer lab to complete research.

Project Details

The goal of this project is to learn more about Greek and Roman myths. Then, students will present the information creatively to the class so that other classmates can learn the information as well.

Sharing Myths in Creative Ways

First, students need to choose a myth that they want to share with the class. Next, they need to decide how they would like to present the information to the class. The following are ways that students can present the information:

  • Students can share the myth through drama. They can turn the myth into a play and then act out the myth. Students will need to write a script and to find props and costumes. Last, they will need to act out the play infront of the class.
  • Students can share the myth through a PowerPoint presentation. Students will need to create slides with good graphics and pictures, choose music and have every student speak during the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Students can share the myth through creating a lesson and then playing a game. Students will need to present the information in a speech. Then, the students will quiz the class by creating a cross word puzzle or game show type game, such as Jeopardy.

Students should be assessed using a rubric. It is helpful to allow students to help create the rubric. The individual grade can come from the research component of the project. Each student can write a small research paper using the MLA format.

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