Review Game for Eight Parts of Speech Identification

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Parts of Speech Review Game

Students work in teams of five or six students. Each team will be give 24 - 32 word cards with three or four cards of each: noun, verb, pronoun, preposition, adjective, adverb, conjunction, and interjection. In addition, each team needs to receive three articles: a, an and the. Each team should select a leader who can help lead the team to victory. It is fun if each team comes up with a “grammar type” name.

Object of the Game

Students work in teams to create sentences that match the parts of speech written on the board. Five points is given for each word identified correctly. However, if the sentence does not make sense, the team receives no points. Each team needs to make a sentence using the same sentence structure. (Ex. VERB, PRONOUN, ARTICLE, ADJECTIVE, NOUN – Possible answer: Make me a big cake.) Then, a new sentence structure will be written on the board. Each team has 60 seconds to assemble a correct sentence. However, if teams are not successful, then they may need more time. The teacher can be the judge.

Prepare in Advance

Depending on the size of the class, the teacher will need to create enough cards so that each team of five or six students has 24 or 32 cards. Each card should be at least four inches high and 11 inches wide. Students can help prepare the cards. They can even write the words on the cards before knowing the game directions. The sentence structures need to be prepared in advance as well.

Playing the Game

On the black board or white board, the teacher will write a list of parts of speech horizontally. For example, on the board the teacher would write the following on the board:


Then a team would need to send up five members holding word cards that matched those parts of speech. Each person would need to stand under the part of speech and hold the card. For example, one team might send up students with the following words:


the ————– little——– dog—- ate—- quickly

A variation of this is that each team has a different sentence structure. This is a fun game that involves team work and is a review of the eight parts of speech.

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