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4. Teaching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

written by: Sarah Degnan Moje • edited by: Tricia Goss • updated: 9/29/2014

At this point in the series, your students are likely champing at the bit between books. Book four is certain to satisfy while keeping them hooked and this discussion guide will help you lead your class through the novel's key points.

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    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire As Harry begins his fourth year at Hogwarts, we see him stepping out of his childhood and into the world of teenagers. He is maturing significantly and in this novel, for the first time, we sense in him the adult he will someday become.

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    Themes and Characters

    The novel does not center on Voldemort, for the most part, although he makes a shocking appearance at the end. When this novel was due to be released, there was a great buzz in the literary community. Rumors that Rowling would be killing off a major character in this book flooded newspapers and the internet. Then, then further rumors that from here to the end of the series, readers could expect a major character or characters death in each of the remaining novels filled Potter fans with anticipation as well as a tinge of dread.

    One has to complete the entire book before learning just who dies at the hand of Voldemort. This shocking death of an innocent character aptly symbolizes the real horror that the Wizarding World feels for Lord Voldemort.

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    Harry's Continued Growth and Development

    It also captures the end of our child hero, Harry Potter, who is for the most part, alive because of his mother. He has no hard memory of seeing Voldemort kill his parents, but he sees the death of Cedric with his own eyes. No more can he even consider turning his back on the idea that he is perhaps the only one who can stop the Dark Lord. Now that Harry sees what Voldemort is capable of, he ceases to be a child who relies on others, becoming a fully adult literary figure who will face any challenge put before him.