Teaching the Final Chapters of "The Giver" by Lowis Lowry: Chapters 19-23

Teaching the Final Chapters of "The Giver" by Lowis Lowry: Chapters 19-23
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Chapter Vocabulary:

Chapter 20: solace

Chapter 21: meticulously, languid

Chapter 22: tentatively, meager

Chapter 23: obscured

Key Ideas for Discussion

Chapter 19

  1. This is a very powerful chapter when Jonas learns the real meaning of the word release. Have students write about their feelings in their notebooks after finishing the chapter.

Chapter 20

  1. Students might be puzzled at how Fiona and Jonas’ father take release so lightly. Explain to them that they don’t really understand the idea of death. They don’t have the same feelings that Jonas and The Giver have.
  2. Talk about what The Giver might mean when he tells Jonas that he wants to be with his daughter, Rosemary.

Chapter 21

  1. Ask students to share their feelings about what is doing. Do they think he made the right choice?

Chapter 22

  1. On the board, make a list with students of pros and cons for leaving the community.

Chapter 23

  1. Discuss Jonas’ will to live as he keeps going, even though he’s starving, cold, and exhausted. Remind students that he is only a child of 12 years. Try to make them see the difference between hungry and starving, or tired and exhausted. (Precision of language)

Comprehension Questions

Chapter 19

  1. Why do you think The Giver is so insistent that Jonas watch the video of the twin’s release that morning.

Chapter 20

  1. How can you tell that Jonas truly cares for The Giver? Use details from the chapter to support your answer.
  2. Do you think the plan for Jonas’ escape will work? What possible problems could arise?

Chapter 21

  1. Why does Jonas leave home earlier than planned?
  2. Do you think it’s fair for Jonas to be angry with his father considering he doesn’t really understand what he’s doing?
  3. How does Jonas use the memories he received to help him on his journey?

Chapter 22

  1. If you were Jonas and had to do it all over, would you have left the community or stayed? Explain your reasons.

Chapter 23

  1. How do you think Jonas knew that they were almost at their destination?

Post-Reading Activities

  1. Journal Writing – Would you rather live in Jonas’ community where bad things never happen (at least not in the eyes of the members), where no one is hungry, there is no war, etc…but there are no choices? Or would you rather live in our world where things aren’t perfect, but you have the freedom to make your own choices?
  2. Write a dialogue – What conversation might have taken place between The Giver and Chief Elder after they all discovered that Jonas was gone?
  3. Make a Diorama – Imagine what Jonas’ community might look like and make a diorama to depict it. Maybe chose a specific scene you liked.
  4. To be Continued – If there was another chapter in The Giver, what do you think would have happened?
  5. Book Report – Write a book report which includes setting, characters, problem, important events, and solution.
  6. Read All About It – Pretend you’re a reporter and word of Jonas’ escape has just gotten out to the neighboring communities. Write an article explaining what happened.


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