"Judy Moody Saves the World:" Three Ways Your Class can Save the World for Grades 3-5

"Judy Moody Saves the World:" Three Ways Your Class can Save the World for Grades 3-5
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Judy Moody is “Rare!” She is never without an opinion on anything and when she has a mission, she jumps in with both feet. Megan

McDonald has created an endearing series starring third-grader Judy Moody, her brother Stink and her friends Rocky and Frank. There is never a dull moment when they get together, especially with Judy leading the way.

In this book, Judy Moody Saves the World by Megan McDonald, Judy is inspired by a science lesson about the rain forest. Borrowing from some activities that Judy’s class does in the book, below are some “Judy Moody ideas” for your students when they ask how they can save the world, too.

Save Endangered Animals and Save the World

Most children love animals. When they learn about protecting endangered animals, it is often a beginning step to doing more for the Earth in general. Each student can choose an endangered animal or animals to research. You and your students can visit Kids' Planet Especies website to learn more.

Here are ways to choose the animal:

1. Choose all animals from the state where you live (like Judy’s class did).

2. Each student can choose a state and find out the endangered animals in that state.

3. Choose animals according to the continent where they live.

4. Choose animals according to habitat: rain forest, woodland, arctic, and so on.

5. Each student chooses his or her favorite animal, but everyone must have a different one.


1. Written report with colorful cover

2. Poster with information and pictures

3. Model of animal in habitat with oral report.

4. Collage of endangered animals from a specific state or continent with information on the back.

5. Power Point or Smart Board presentation, if that is a familiar tool for your classroom.

After all of the presentations, consider having a group meeting to discuss what we can all do to help the animals. Perhaps your students will want to take on a specific endangered animal cause.

Rainforest Resources

It’s incredible to realize how much we get from the rain forest areas. Use this link from the Smithsonian about rainforests to make a list of easily found items that come from the rainforest. Use slips of paper, cut from paper in your classroom recycle box, and write one item from your list on each slip of paper. Instruct each student to choose one slip of paper. The assignment is for them to bring in a sample or picture of the item and any information about it. Then have a sharing time when each student presents the rain forest item to the class. They will be surprised at how many products come from rainforest regions.

Why is this important? As Judy Moody finds out, we need to replace or conserve trees and plants of the rain forest so that we will always have the resources of those regions.

Get to Know Your Garbage!

Judy’s teacher suggests that every student should get to know the family’s garbage. Even though you may recycle glass, paper or cans, there could be more that the family could do. Also, in the classroom, set a box or can aside specifically for throwing away paper, just paper. Encourage students to not wad the paper up but instead just place it in flat and it takes up less space. Here’s a great garbage webquest to help your students learn more about garbage and recycling.

If you and your students want to know how to save the world, Judy Moody Saves the World is a perfect springboard to energize your class to take on an environmental cause.

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