Boxcar Children Book Test Questions

Boxcar Children Book Test Questions
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Gertrude Chandler Warner wrote The Boxcar Children: Book #1 in 1942 and thus began a wonderful series that remains popular even today! Why? Because the books are about four children who are kind to each other and have good values which means that parents and teachers like the books. And the four children are always involved in some kind of adventure in an educational setting which means that young readers stay interested and want to read more. A win–win situation!

The writing is done in complete sentences with no slang so it stays current. Whether the books are being used in the classroom, as a tool for homeschooling or you are helping your child choose a book for recreational reading, you can’t miss with a book in this series. The Boxcar Children book test questions for book # 1 will help you check your child’s understanding of this first book.

View the practice test below and then download a printable copy here.

Practice Test


  • Henry
  • Jessie
  • Violet
  • Benny

Fill in the correct character’s name in the blank:

1. ____________is the youngest.

2.____________ is the oldest.

3. ____________ took care of the stray dog.

4. ____________ got very sick.

Fill in the blank:

1. The first place the children stopped was at the ___________ to buy bread.

2. During a storm, the children ran into the woods and found a ___________.

3. In Dr. Moore’s orchard the children picked_____________.

4.________________has a pink cup.

5. _________________won the free for all race.

6. Stockings was the name of ____________________.

7. Dr. Moore saw a notice about four lost children in the ____________________.

8.The cook at Dr. Moore’s house gave Henry a bag of _____________________.

9. When Henry cleaned out Dr. Moore’s garage, the doctor gave him a _________________.

10. Jessie took a __________________out of the dog’s paw.

11. The children were afraid that their _________________would find them.

12. In the boxcar, the children slept on ________________needles.

13. The children used the rock behind the waterfall as a_____________________.

14. Benny found four______________ at the dump and used them to make a cart.

15. Jessie used _________________ to take rust off of the spoons.

16. The girls thought Benny was missing something by not going to school, so they taught him to ________________.

Number these events in correct order:

______ Grandfather put the boxcar in the backyard of his mansion.

______The children slept in a haystack.

______ One night, Henry and Jessie heard an unusual noise in the woods.

______Henry got a job working for Dr. Moore.

______Dr. Moore took care of Violet when she got sick.

Short Answer:

1.What does the word “cross” mean in this sentence?

“The baker’s wife came to the front of the bakery and listened, looking very cross.”

2. Before they met him, the children thought their grandfather would be mean. How did they feel about him at the end of the book?

3. What was the best thing about living in the boxcar?

Answer Key


1. Benny 2. Henry 3. Jessie 4. Violet

Fill in the blanks:

1. bakery 2. boxcar 3. cherries 4. Benny 5. Henry 6. Benny’s stuffed bear made from socks 7. newspaper 8. cookies 9. hammer 10. thorn 11. grandfather 12. pine

13. refrigerator 14. wheels 15. sand

Order of the events:



1. In the sentence the word cross means angry.

2. The children learned that Grandfather was a kind and loving man.

3. Answers will vary.

Enjoy the book with your young reader and then use The Boxcar Children book test questions for book #1 to check for your child’s comprehension. Not only will you be spending quality time with your child but it will be showing the child that you value the importance of reading!


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