Lesson Plan Idea & Worksheet for Teaching on Organ Systems: Life Science

Lesson Plan Idea & Worksheet for Teaching on Organ Systems: Life Science
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Organ Systems

Use this lesson plan when teaching about any organ system. Students will do better on their studies if the format of the paperwork remains the same, so use this format and life science worksheets to allow students to focus on the actually material rather than the changing way of studying the material.

Introduce one of the organ systems to your students, such as the digestive systems. Ask students to describe what they think is the function of the digestive system. Do they know that organs belong to this system? Once you have assessed what they already know, explain the details of the system to your students. For example you may say that the digestive system is responsible for the consumption and distribution of nutrients to the body. Walk the students through the process of digesting food and expelling waste from the body. As you do this, make sure to write vocabulary words on the board for the students to look up later using their life science worksheets.

As you explain how the system works, draw a cycle of the system such as the one shown below.

Mouth->Pharynx->Esophagus->Stomach->Small Intestine->Large Intestine->Rectum->Anus

This gives your students a way to visually understand how the digestive system works. Students will also need this information to complete their worksheets. Again, this same method can be used for any of the organ systems or you can use another lesson plans with these worksheets, such as the integumentary system lesson plan. Discuss the various functions of what happens during each phase of circulation through the cycle of the organ system, then answer any questions your students may have. Some topics to touch on are listed below.

  • What are some of the medical conditions caused by the breakdown of a particular organ or organ system?
  • What are some ways that people cause a breakdown of this particular organ system?
  • What can we do to boost the functionality of this particular organ system?

After the discussion, to reinforce what the students have learned and assess their knowledge, print out the included worksheets and ask your students to complete them.


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