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Metaphor Lesson Plan

written by: Kathy Foust • edited by: Laurie Patsalides • updated: 2/14/2012

We use metaphors every day and don't even realize it! This Metaphor Lesson Plan and Worksheet will teach your students to recognize metaphors in their everyday speech!

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    What is a Metaphor?

    Teachers read the following information to your students, then do the board work included in the next section.


    What is a metaphor? Have you ever been told you are a an angel or maybe something not so nice as that? That is a metaphor. Metaphors state that one object is the same as another, unrelated object. A metaphor state that these two things have some common ground. A good example is "Tom is a bum." Tom is not really a bum, but perhaps what the speaker means is that Tom is lazy or avoids work. The literal interpretation of what the speaker actually said is, "Tom and a bum are both lazy."

    We use metaphors everyday to express our opinions. Sometimes metaphors are used in a not so nice way, like name calling. Now that you know what a metaphor is, we are going to test your knowledge on the board!

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    Metaphor Board Work

    Teachers, write the following statements on the board. Ask students to finish the statements and/or explain what they mean.

    1. This homework is a nightmare! (Explain the statement.)
    2. You are such a ______________. (Finish and explain the statement.)
    3. Carrie is such a peach! ( Explain the statement.)
    4. This day has been a dream. (Explain the statement.)
    5. My mother is a/an ___________________. (Finish and explain the statement.)
    6. Eric is just a big teddy bear. (Explain the statement.)
    7. My handwriting is chicken scratch. (Explain the statement.)
    8. My teacher is a/an ______________________. (Finish and explain the statement.)
    9. My allergies are driving me up the wall. (Explain the statement.)
    10. Carol is on my nerves! (Explain the statement.)

    Independent Practice:

    Once the board work is complete, ask the students to look at the person next to them and come up with a complimentary metaphor about them. Then, pass out and ask the students to complete the Metaphor Worksheet.

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    Metaphor Worksheet

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