A Graphic Organizer Lesson Plan For Music Class: An Instrument Family Unit Review Incorporating Inspiration 8 Software

A Graphic Organizer Lesson Plan For Music Class: An Instrument Family Unit Review Incorporating Inspiration 8 Software
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LESSON 7: A Review

Duration: About three classroom periods.

Rationale: The purpose of this lesson is to review the instruments of the orchestra and instrument family characteristics through a variety of technological productivity tools

Objectives: Students/learners will:

  • Create an instrument family review helper for their classmates using the Inspiration 8 software
  • Participate in the review game of Musical Instrument Jeopardy
  • Recall information on the instrument families and the orchestra by completing a review worksheet

National Music and Technology Standards: See the National Standards in this entire unit by clicking here.


Class Organization: Students will be at their desks/tables and will be on their laptops. The teacher will be at the front of the class for the introduction to the lesson but will walk around to help students during the independent activity. The teacher will be at the front of the class for using the InFocus machine for review Jeopardy!


  • The teacher will explain to the students that they will be reviewing for their unit test by creating a “helper” graphic organizer for their classmates to study from.

  • The students will then use the Internet websites visited in previous unit lessons, the multimedia instrument encyclopedia and other instrument software we have used in this unit to research information for their concept map.

  • Once they have gathered the information they need, each student will then open the Inspiration software on their laptops.

  • Have the students use the graphics toolbar to find the music graphics section.

  • The students will then use these music graphics to create an organizer chart/concept map that will show all of the instrument families previously studied; strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

  • For each instrument family, they are to type in as many names of the instruments from that family that they can think of or find under the music graphic that represents that family . These are to be printed when finished. Credit for this portion of the lesson plan goes to an Indiana University website page created by Jena Harris, although that webpage is no longer available.

  • The teacher will then collect them to assess and randomly pas them back, making sure they go to another classmate for their study review.

  • The students are to complete the review worksheet created in Microsoft Word and print it for teacher evaluation. They are to complete this worksheet using their technological resources as well as their graphic organizers.

  • If the students are done early, they may go to the website;www.musictechteacher.com and click on the Quizzes, Games, Music Help link and thy can play music games and take review quizzes for a fun way to review. (They may do this with a partner if they wish).

  • The teacher will use the InFocus to play Musical Instrument Jeopardy with the class (created in PowerPoint.) This may take one whole period.

Assessment: Students will be assessed informally on their participation by means of a downloadable articipation rubric as well as formally from their review worksheet (comprised of similar questions to the unit test and from an instrument family workbook) and the Inspiration graphic organizer rubric.



Inspiration-2007; Published by Inspiration Software®, Inc.


Music Tech Teacher


This is a great site for both Music teachers and students because there are a lot of resources available. There are printable worksheets for the teacher to use and there are many quizzes and games for the students to partake in. I have used site in the past for reviewing many topics and my kids seem to really enjoy it. It is very useful at the end of a unit or as a lesson filler, plus it meets the Productivity Tools NETS as well as several Music standards.


Musical Instruments and the Voice: 50 Ready-To-Use Activities for Grade 3-9 by Audrey J. Adair. Parker Publishing: New York. 1987.

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