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Three Little Kittens: An Elementary Math Lesson Plan

written by: Laurie Patsalides • edited by: Amanda Grove • updated: 1/25/2012

Students will enjoy learning to count by two's using the book, Three Little Kittens. In this beloved classic, the kittens lose and find their mittens, a dilemma many Kindergarteners can relate to!

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    Three Little Kittens Lesson Plan

    There are several versions to this children's favorite. Teachers can download this and many old favorites, here. The best part about these downloads is that teachers can provide each student with a copy to re-read, find sight words and take home to share with families.

    I think it best to give students a variety of genres and text to read and review, depending on how long you would like the lesson to be. Most important for students to learn is that by changing a few words in the text, changes the meaning. Provide examples from the text.

    After reading and singing along several times, review sight words that the students are learning in word work. List the sight words and have the students circle them on the poster. Teachers can find many repetitive words in the text to use for sight word practice, for example, what, then, we, and, they, are words that repeat in each stanza. Students can even count the number of times the sight words appear in the text.

    Next, teach the students that a quicker way to count is by two's. Start by counting noses. Students will giggle, when you announce that each student has one. Seated in a circle, have the students count-off noses to see how many they have in all. Do the same with hands. Have each student count each hand in the classroom and record the results. Now it's time for them to learn to count by two's to count faster. Repeat counting hands by two's. Counting by two's is also learning even numbers. Have the students practice counting by two's. Reinforce counting by two's and even and odd numbers each morning at circle time.

    Next, have the students count the number of mittens that the kittens had in all, first by ones, and then by two's. For practice, have many mittens printed on paper (see template below) for students to count first by ones and then by two's.

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    A Primary Math Game

    Now that the students have had some practice counting by two's, use this primary math game to give the students individual practice.

    Download and copy mittens from the story, here.

    Copy onto card-stock for durability and laminate.

    Write the numbers, by two's on the back of the pair of mittens, 2, 4, 6, 8.... 30.

    Have the students place the mittens in the correct order by two's.

    Keep a counting by two's mat on hand for self correcting.

    To extend, have the students play a matching game by matching the mittens that are the same.