Teach Children Italian: Rooms in Your House

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Follow the steps in this lesson plan, using the suggested audio files and worksheets, and your young language learners will start to actively identify the Italian names for parts of the house.

The Lesson:

1. Print out Worksheets and Index Cards from the media files for Teaching Children Italian: Part 7. The first worksheet lists the parts of the house in alphabetic order; this will be used as a guide for the adult teaching the lesson. The second worksheet is actually several pages of index cards. These index cards are to be cut and used as a learning tool.

2. Cut out the index cards and start placing them around the house. So for the kitchen, you would place the “la cucina” card and for the basement you would place the “la cantina” card. The best place for these cards may be a doorway as you enter the room. This helps the child associate the name with the place.

3. Visit this site where you will listen to audio files listing each room in Italian. Help children to learn the proper pronunciation of each word in Italian.

4. Test children using the index cards. Show the part of the house in Italian and have them state how we say this room in English. For every word they do not get correct, have them write this part of the house in Italian and English three times. For a better association have them sit in the corresponding room while writing the words. For instance, if the child did not get the kitchen correct, they would sit in the kitchen writing the corresponding Italian words.

5. If you visit a relative or friend’s house, bring the cards with you. Have child walk around placing the cards in the correct doorway. Maybe grandma and grandpa want to see what their grandchildren are learning!

6. Test your child’s knowledge of the words by asking them to bring you things from the various parts of the house. An example sentence is:

  • “Can you please bring me the magazine from il salotto” (living room)

7. The list also contains different parts of the house, not just the rooms. Ensure you include these words in your lessons. You can ask the child:

  • “Please go check la cassetta postale” (the mailbox)
  • “Please close la finestra” (the window)

After this lesson children should be able to apply the Italian language to parts of the house and different rooms in the house. Our next lesson will expand on more items found inside of the house.

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