“The Sisters Grimm:” Study Questions for Book One

The Sisters Grimm: Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley is a riveting story that turns classic fairy tales on their head. If you're reading this for school, review the material in the novel with the following helpful study questions (answers are also provided).

Do You Remember What You Read?

The story is about two girls whose parents have disappeared. For over a year they have been bounced around to different foster

The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley

homes. Now they are being taken to their grandmother’s home, a grandmother they thought was dead. She lives in the town of Ferryport Landing, New York. Grandmother Grimm lives in an unusual home filled with books with titles like: 365 Ways to Cook Dragon. She serves black noodles with orange sauce and green meatballs. The girls find out that they are descendants of the Brothers Grimm, the fairy-tale authors. The town of Ferryport Landing is inhabited, and not peacefully, by fairy-tale creatures and humans. When a giant takes Grandmother Grimm, the mystery begins.

Here are short-answer questions:

1. Why were the girls going to Ferryport Landing?

(To live with Grandmother Grimm)

2. Which one of the girls was the most skeptical?


3. Describe Mr. Canis: his looks, his job

(Very skinny man, full head of messy hair, frowny face and demeanor, drives the car and does things for Grandma Grimm)

4. How did they get into the house?

(a series of locks with a key for each then say “We’re home”)

5. What did Grandmother have all over the house?


6. Describe the meals

(Green meatballs, purple gravy, bright pink syrup on pancakes)

7. What happened when the girls tried to escape from Grandmother’s the first night?

(Stinging Pixies attacked them.)

8. What did the girls find out about their ancestors?

(The girls are related to the Brothers Grimm who wrote the fairy-tales. When they wrote the tales the stories were really true. Fairy-tale creatures were living among humans. They brought the fairy-tale creatures to America and built a town called Ferryport Landing.)

9. What spell was cast on the town?

(Many of the creatures-The Everafters- blend in with the humans but some of the creatures want to be free to live other places. They became rebels. A spell was cast by Baba Yaga which said that no Everafter could leave Ferryport Landing. The spell will be broken when the last of the Grimms are gone.)

10. How do the girls feel about what they are hearing?

(Daphne believes it but Sabrina thinks the old lady is a lunatic.)

11. What happens to Grandmother and Mr. Canis?

(The giant kidnaps them.)

12. What item does Grandmother leave to help the girls?

(Her purse with the keys to the house.)

13. What is in the secret room and how will it help them?

(The Magic Mirror. It gave them clues and magic items to use.)

14. How do the girls distract the police when they try to leave the house?

(They give them a bunch of food.)

15. Who are they breaking out of jail and why?

(Jack the giant killer so he can kill the giant who has Grandmother and Mr. Canis)

16. Why do the girls need costumes?

(To go to the ball at Mayor Charming’s house)

17. Who turns out to be the “bad guy” and why?

(Jack, for fame and glory. He stole magic beans so that giants would come and he could kill them and be famous again. He also hurt Elvis, the dog.)

18. Who turns out to be not so bad?

(Mayor “Prince” Charming and Puck)

19. Who does Skinny Mr. Canis turn out to be?

(The Big Bad Wolf)

20. Do you think there is a chance that the girls will find their parents in another book of this series?

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Your child will be an expert on the first book of the Sisters Grimm series.