The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Practice Quiz with Answers

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Quiz Questions Chapter 1-9

These questions are basic comprehension questions for the novel. Try to answer them by yourself before looking at the answers. Good luck!

1. How old is Charlotte Doyle?

  • 13-years-old

2. What is the time period for the novel?

  • 1832

3. Why is Charlotte in England alone?

  • Her father needed to go back to America for business, and he did not want Charlotte to miss any school at the Barrington School for Better Girls.

4. What does the reader learn at the very beginning on in the novel that is shocking news?

  • She was accused of murder, brought to trial and found guilty.

5. Describe the Charlotte before the voyage.

  • Charlotte was a prim and proper young lady who wore gloves and full dresses. She did what she was told and was very naive.

6. Where was Charlotte’s true home?

  • Rhode Island, America

7. What were two reasons that it was logical for Charlotte to travel alone to America?

  • There are five possible answers: 1) She would miss no school, 2) She would travel in the summer for one to two months in a ship and miss no school, 3) the ship she was on was owned and operated by her father’s firm, 4) The captain was quick at getting across the Atlantic, 5) Two families had agreed to act as her guardians

8. Why did Charlotte look forward to meeting her guardians on the trip?

  • They had several children.

9. Why did Charlotte look forward to the trip?

  • The last time she had been on a ship was at age 6. The sailors were fun, she would be out of school, and she would have companions her own age.

10. What did her father give her and demand she use during the voyage?

  • a journal

11. Who was Mr. Grummage?

  • It was his job to get Charlotte and her things on the ship.

12. What is the captain’s name of the ship?

  • Captain Jaggery

13. What is the name of the ship?

  • The Seahawk

14. Why did Charlotte not want to go on the ship in chapter 1?

  • She would be the only female on the ship

15. How did Grummage treat Charlotte?

  • He showed no emotion and took care of her paperwork. Charlotte felt that he treated her like a “bale of cotton.”

16. What was her cabin like?

  • It had roaches, a small bed, built in desk and the door dropped down to serve as a desk top. She felt like it was a “coffin.”

17. What man spoke with a surprising sweet voice and offered Charlotte tea and a dirk (knife)?

  • Zachariah

18. What did Zachariah and Charlotte have in common? He suggested that this would make them friends, final friends.

  • She was the only female and he was the only black man.

19. What is a final friend?

  • Someone who sews the hammock when one dies and is thrown into the sea.

20. Of all the men on the boat, who did Charlotte believe to be the one she could trust in the beginning?

  • Captain Jaggery

21. Who is the first mate?

  • Mr. Hollybrass

22. Who is the second mate?

  • Mr. Keetch

23. Captain Jaggery made it very clear that his ship would not be run like a_____________?

  • democracy (He was the master)

24. Who takes care of Charlotte while she had sea sickness?

  • Zachariah

25. What does Captain Jaggery learn from Charlotte?

  • That she has a dirk and that the crew is planning a mutiny

26. What does Charlotte find while searching for her trunk?

  • a skull, and she thinks she sees people

27. What does Charlotte find when she looks for a needle?

  • a pistol and a round robin

28. What is a round robin?

  • A mark or symbol for a mutiny

29. What does Charlotte think when she finds the items in Mr. Ewing’s chest?

  • The crew is planning a rebellion

30. Who does Charlotte tell?

  • Captain Jaggery

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