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Part I: “The Spark” Quotes

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (book 2) is divided into three parts. The first part lets readers know how people are feeling in the districts after Katniss and Peeta both managed to survive the Hunger Games. Readers will also find out how Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and Haymitch have been handling the pressure, their families, and each other. Hunger Games 2 starts off with a bang, or actually, a spark.

Quote number one:

At the end of chapter 2, President Snow calls on Katniss at her house. He tells her that she may have started uprisings by defying the Capitol and that she needs to convince the districts that she really loves Peeta when they go on the victory tour:

President Snow rises and dabs his puffy lips with a napkin. ‘Aim higher in case you fall short.'

‘What do you mean? How can I aim higher?’ I ask.

‘Convince me,’ he says.

The significance of this quote is that it shows how President Snow is a tyrant. He has all the power. The ultimate person that Katniss must please is President Snow, the ruler and most powerful person of the Capitol.

Quote number two:

Near the end of chapter four when Katniss and Peeta are in District 11 on their victory tour, Peeta says he will give some of his winnings to this district. Katniss talks about Rue out loud. When they are finished:

“There’s a long pause. Then, from somewhere in the crowd, someone whistles Rue’s four-note mockingjay tune . . .By the end of the tune, I have found the whistler, a wizened old man in a faded red shirt and overalls. His eyes meet mine. What happens next is not an accident. It is too well executed to be spontaneous, because it happens in complete unison. Every person in the crowd presses the three middle fingers of their left hand against their lips and extends them to me."

Katniss and Peeta don’t really know what this means when it happens, but she does know that President Snow will not like this tribute to the girl who defied the Capitol and outsmarted the Gamemakers. Katniss realizes too late that she has elicited an act of dissent from District 11 citizens, and this is the very thing that President Snow wanted her NOT to do.

Part 2: “The Quell” Quotes

Quote number three:

In the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, this Hunger Games is the 75th Annual, which makes it a Quell. There are always special rules or circumstances every 25 years for the Quell. Katniss must work with people from the Capitol whenever she is getting ready for the games in Hunger Games 2.

“I begin to question them [Katniss’s stylists] casually about what other hardships this winter has brought them. They are not used to want, so any disruption in supply makes an impact on them. By the time I’m ready to be dressed, their complaints about the difficulty of getting different products–from crabmeat to music chips to ribbons–has given me a sense of which districts might actually be rebelling. . . The thought of such wide-spread rebellion has me quivering with fear and excitement."

On the victory tour, Peeta and Katniss could sense the tension in the air. Katniss also sees further proof of rebellion. When she is alone with some of the only people she likes from the Capitol, she takes the time to question them in a round about way to find out what is going on in her country.

Part 3: “The Enemy” Quotes

The last part of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is page-turning and full of adventure. The characters of Peeta and Katniss and their relationship really comes through during the 75th Hunger Games.

Quote number four:

In the arena, Katniss and Peeta are teamed up. But Haymitch has told them to trust others. This is extremely hard to do given the nature of the games in The Hunger Games sequel.

“Finnick has reached Peeta now and is towing him back, one arm across his chest while the other propels them through the water with easy strokes. Peeta rides along without resisting. I don’t know what Finnick said or did that convinced him to put his life in his hands–showed him the bangle, maybe. Or just the sight of me waiting might have been enough. When they reach the sand, I help haul Peeta up onto dry land."

Finnick is an arrogant and good-looking tribute whom Katniss does not want to trust. But she remembers Haymitch’s advice and sees the bangle Finnick is wearing, so she decides she will allow him to help Peeta. She is willing to do anything to help Peeta stay alive this year, which is a completely different strategy than she had in the 74th Hunger Games.

Quote number five:

At the end of chapter 24, Katniss is a dreamer and a planner, but she is also a realist.

“As I drift off, I try to imagine that world, somewhere in the future, with no Games, no Capitol. A place like the meadow in the song I sang to Rue as she died. Where Peeta’s child would be safe."

This is a beautiful quote that shows Katniss has resolved to sacrifice herself for Peeta, but that she still has hope. It is that hope that gets these tributes through the Hunger Games.

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