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Review of Twilight Saga

It is interesting to learn how people find out about the Twilight series. Most read the books because a friend suggested it – breathlessly. Now that the movie Twilight has graced the screen, expect to find even more readers. The first book, Twilight [Little, Brown, 2005] is the best, but the ones in-between give us useful information. And, Meyers ties everything up in the fourth book.

Use in Classsroom

Literature Circles

This book may not be the best for a whole class read. However, it would be great to use in a literature circle. A small group of students could start with Twilght. Girls tend to love this novel; however, some boys enjoy the action and adventure. Because it is a longer book, students can help each other move through the 544 pages.

Research Projects

Students could research the history of vampire legends, werewolf lore, or even the setting in Seattle. They could present what they found in a poster or PowerPoint.

Comparison Paper

The Twilight movie is out on DVD. Students can read the novel and watch the movie. They can then write a comparison paper on the two and tell about the similarities and differences.

Teenage Romance and a Host of Vampires & Werewolves

If you don’t like the fantasy genre or crazy teenage love stories, then you’re not going to like the saga. Of course teenage love can be cheesy, over dramatic and sometimes funny, but… once you start reading, it is hard to stop. In Book 1 Twilight, we meet a lovely, yet shy Bella Swan who has moved to the dreary town of Forks to live with her dad, Chief Swan, so that her mother can follow her boyfriend to Florida. She feels that she is boring and plain. To the teens of Forks High School, she is interesting, beautiful and new. Yet, she is intrigued with the Cullens family, especially Edward. he Cullens' are foster children who Dr. Cullens has taken in to be his family, along with his lovely wife. However, there is something very different about this family. As one could guess, Bella falls helplessly in love with Edward, who turns out to be a vampire who is a “vegetarian”. Luckily, this means they only drink the blood of animals instead of humans. This leads to many complications. The ending surrounds Bella and another vampire who would rather drink human blood.

New Moon Book 2

In Book 2 New Moon, we meet Jacob who happens to be a werewolf. Edward and his family leave town due to a bloody accident at Bella’s birthday party. Bella almost loses herself until Jacob helps her come back to the “land of the living.” Some may miss Edward through most of the book, but I found Jacob to be an interesting character, even more intriguing than Edward.

Eclipse Book 3

In Book 3 Eclipse, Jacob and Edward decide that to save Bella that they’ll have to work together against supernatural forces. Teen love is so strong and fun to watch as Jacob and Edward vie for Bella’s attention. Bella pushes even harder to become a vampire herself as Edward continually refuses but proposes marriage.

Breaking Dawn Book 4

In Book 4 Breaking Dawn, they get married, consummate the marriage, have a baby and stand up to the Volturi. It is an ending that is satisfying, but could have been better. On the whole, the four-book series made me want to finish very, very quickly. The intensity of the love/lust between Edward and Bella and Jacob toward Bella may make this book a “put on hold” for some younger young adults. It may not be a classic, but it sure is a fun read.

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