Homeschool Teaching Techniques & Tips

Those new to homeschooling may find themselves a little unsure of their new role. That early transition from parent to teacher can leave even the most confident homeschool educator feeling a little unsure. After all, up until now, you've been the mom, the dad, the grandparent, etc, and now, you're the teacher. How will everyone adjust?

And what do you do when it's a subject you don't feel confident about teaching? And how to you manage your time efficiently? How do you juggle family and friends stopping by unannounced when you are trying to keep a student focused on their studies?

You'll find the answers to these questions and more here, in the experiences and advice of homeschool educators such as yourself who are successfully homeschooling their children and grandchildren.

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  • Homeschooling with Young Children in the House
    As the mother of three young boys, one of my biggest hesitations about diving in and homeschooling my oldest was this: What will I do with the other two while I am working with the oldest? While it is still a struggle at times, I have found some strategies that work.
  • Homeschooling a Child With Dyslexia: Techniques & Methods
    Stressed out trying to come up with the right techniques and resources to teach your dyslexic child? Calm down! We have several tips, curriculum and more that will make homeschooling your dyslexic child fun and rewarding.
  • How to Join or Start a Homeschool Co-op
    Learn how homeschool co-ops can fill the gap in a parent's own knowledge base. These tips will help you learn the basics of starting and joining co-ops.
  • Successful Homeschooling: A Guide for Parents
    Whether you are a new homeschooler trying to move from overwhelmed to organized, or a veteran who would like some fresh ideas, this series of articles will have something for you. Check here for ideas on scheduling, creating portfolios, and many other topics.
  • Using Videos to Supplement Homeschool Math
    Helping a child with math puts fear into the hearts of many parents. Just like any parents, homeschool parents struggle to recall math functions learned years ago and home instruction difficult becomes difficult. Fortunately, using videos to supplement homeschool math eliminates any struggles.
  • Helpful Homeschool Guide for Parents of a Special Needs Child
    Many parents find homeschooling a child with special needs provides the right amount of structure and attention for that child to thrive. Of course, this endeavor is not without it's challenges! Get some help and advice meeting your child's needs in a homeschooled setting.
  • Teaching the Child With Autism: Tips & Techniques
    Educating children with autism can be challenging, but there are many effective teaching strategies that are useful. Select any of the articles below to learn more about strategies for teaching autistic students.
  • A Guide to Great Homeschool Science Lessons
    This guide includes science teaching tips and lessons for every grade level and interest. There's no need to waste time searching the web. We've gathered our best resources written by our expert writers for you to use as you plan your homeschool lessons and curriculum.
  • Beginning Homeschooling: Resources for All Grades
    The field of education is ever-evolving. You can stay current with this guide for homeschoolers. Included are resources for all areas of the curriculum, from core subjects to art, physical education and extracurricular activities.
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