Our LIst of Free First Grade Curriculum to Share for Parents

Our LIst of Free First Grade Curriculum to Share for Parents
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If you are a home educator on the hunt for free, first grade homeschool curriculum you’ve come to the right place! Did you know you can obtain materials for all core subjects, and even sets of complete curriculum at no cost? There is also open source homeschool curriculum for first grade available on the World Wide Web. An open source curriculum is one where the information has been complied, often by educators, and is published completely free to the public, many times funded by foundations. Read on to find out where to find these incredible deals for educating first grade students.

Curriculum Share

A great place to start when looking for homeschool materials is on the website, Curriculum Share. It is for people who want to give and receive homeschool materials for free! In order to receive, you must first post something to offer. Then, you may post what you are looking to obtain. You are charged for shipping. In their policies, they’ve made it very clear that you are to be charged accurately for shipping, and not for handling, so the cost should be low. The site is for homeschoolers and is run by homeschoolers, and currently the only materials they offer are homeschool materials! You must create an account to be able to search the posts.

Materials By Core Subject

If you’d like to piece together a year’s worth of curriculum, there are many websites that make this achievable. Here are many, great sources for first grade, educational materials.

MATH CURRICULUM At Homeschoomath.net you’ll find worksheets available for first through sixth grades. For first grade this website includes free worksheets covering:

  • Adding vertically sums 1 through 7 (6 + 1, 2 + 5)
  • Adding tens vertically (20 + 30, 80 + 20)
  • Missing Numbers ( 2 + _ = 7)
  • Two Digit Number Horizontal Addition
  • Rounding Numbers
  • Chart for Filling In Numbers To 100
  • Subtraction vertically and horizontally (one and two digit numbers)
  • Telling Time on the Hour and Half Hour
  • Adding Money (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters at various levels of difficulty)
  • Free worksheet generator for other forms of money worksheets

PHONICS TLSBooks is a great website for various subjects, including phonics. Here are some of their phonics offerings:

  • Long vowels worksheets
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Beginning Consonants
  • Rhyming Words
  • Word Families
  • Syllables
  • Letters

SOCIAL STUDIES Also on TLS Books there is a small selection of Social Studies Materials.

  • Community Helpers

swimming sea turtle

SCIENCE A second source for science materials is TLS books. Here are there offerings:

  • Sea Turtles
  • Animal Books
  • Whales
  • Farm Animals
  • Hibernation

READING Developed by a special education teacher at Freeman Elementary School, near Spokane, Washington, the website clarkness.com has 225 single page stories for Kindergarten level reading, and 270 singe page stories for first grade level reading. There are also 27 advanced beginner reading stories, and seven collections of stories, with eight stories in each collection. In addition to these fantastic reading materials, this site also offers math games, money cards, number books, and map cards.

For open source homeschool curriculum for first grade see page 2.

The reasons why authors and publishers offer materials for free varies, however, these open source educational materials can provide students with fantastic resources at no cost. Here is open source homeschool curriculum for first grade.


An open source website for reading materials is Allbooksfree.com. The authors and publishers that make their books available on this site are hoping that the readership generates book sales, and offers their books to be read online for free. While the titles here won’t generally be mainstream, it doesn’t mean the reading will be disappointing! By clicking on the book, some titles will take you to a book with pictures; others will take you to a website offering two books to be read for free. Here are a few of novels, short stories and poems available for kids:

  • A To Z Animals by Maya Ray
  • The ABCs of Fruits and Vegetables by Steve Chaney
  • The Adventures of Super Cow by Danielle Bruckert
  • The Baking Contest by Ingrid Holtshausen

Another great open source site is the International Childrens Digital Library. Their mission is to provide culturally rich materials, in many languages, to children around the world, for free! You can read anonymously or create an account to keep track of your reading preferences. Books are organized by age. The younger ages are broken down by three to five year olds and then six through nine year olds. For six to nine year olds there are 331 titles. Each book is completely downloaded, and reads like a regular book, where you click for page turns. These books are colorful and fun to read! Here are some of the available titles:

  • Alexander The Great
  • Adventures of a Nepali Frog
  • Cat In Boots
  • The Christmas Tree Ship
  • Cinderella

A final open source site is FreeReading.net. Another Bright Hub article gives a full review about this website, and its benefits for young children and the teachers that use it. It is a high quality, free, reading intervention program helping literacy development for Kindergarten through Third Grade. Here are the areas that Free Reading.net covers:

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Letter Sounds
  • Word Recognition
  • Irregular Words
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Writing

Piecing It All Together

As you can see free first grade homeschool curriculum abounds on the internet. If you’re wondering how to piece it all together to meet first grade educational guidelines, Bright Hub shares with readers what is expected to be learned in the first grade in this article. Then you will be able to see how these resources fit in with the school year. In conclusion, if you decide to get a full set of textbooks from a specific publisher, try Curriculum Share. Otherwise, try the websites listed above and the open source resources to give your first grade student a rich, homeschool education.

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