Computer Courses for Homeschoolers for High School: A Guide to the Best Options and Sources

Computer Courses for Homeschoolers for High School: A Guide to the Best Options and Sources
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Where to Start: The Free Options

Thanks to a proliferation of software, many options exist for computer courses for homeschoolers for high school. The growing market for free software or open source applications has led to free software developed by communities of programmers without pay. They do it just for fun, and they have great tutorials.

No need to spend hundreds of dollars on software with OpenOffice, an office software package, Alice, a 3D programming software, and the Mozilla Firefox browser. Some are even available for Mac users. Check out a list of free software, and let your teens start experimenting using tutorials. A course in Internet safety is a must for kids as well as teaching them about finding proper reliable sources for information online.

There are also several places to find classes and tutorials that teach skills in the most popular software. One such place for free tutorials is Internet 4 Classrooms. has a list of free computer classes for the technologically gifted and motivated student. If your student needs a bit more direction and motivation, Home School Legal Defense Association has a list of curriculums for computer classes on their website. Here are some that might provide what you are looking for.

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Resources: Computer Science Curricula

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With Motherboard books, a web resource for books and information, kids grades five and up learn computer skills like keyboarding and programming. Scottosplace offers workbooks that teach basic computer skills, office applications and web design. His workbooks guide the student through computer projects. Homeschool Programming Inc. sells basic semester and full year long programming courses for kids and teens.

When looking for computer courses for homeschoolers in high school, Christian homeschoolers need not be left out. Christian Light offers courses on computer basics, keyboarding and even computer repairs. sells both Christian and secular workbooks for many software applications.

Introduction to Data offers a video series course that teaches kids how the internet works, and prepares kids to build their own website. Young Digital Arts Cyberschool sells courses for third grade to high school students on a variety of game technologies that teens are interested in. They provide instruction for digital arts including anime and manga, and digital music.

The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science offers AP courses, while HSCompSci has distance learning courses for AP Computer Science, 3D programming and iPhone development. Their teachers use current technology to teach courses giving the students experience in using common communication programs like Skype and video conferencing. Furthermore, Cengage Learning has many textbooks for those looking for a career in computer science.

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Whatever computer courses for homeschoolers for high school your student is interested in and needs to learn, there is a course for that. From free open source technology to popular teen digital art to specialized instruction in iPhone application development to tutorials for the popular software common in many workplaces, you can find what you need. After you determine your budget, look for free tutorials for basic knowledge, and locate free software for the skill your student wants to learn. Persistence pays off when you know what your student is interested in and needs, and search until you find what works for your homeschooled student.


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