Review of Digital Frog Software Offers Virtual Dissection to Queasy Students and Teachers


Digital Frog is virtual dissection software. This program, available on CD, allows students to perform virtual dissections. The program incorporates anatomy lessons accentuated with animations and comparisons to human anatomy. Ecology lessons complete the coursework. Printable workbooks are available on the CD.

Target Audience

Digital Frog is geared toward secondary grades, 9-12 although it can be used in upper elementary and middle school with a few modifications to the material. It is intended to replace the need for a wet lab and actual frog dissection. Homeschools will benefit from this software and there are several purchasing options available. Homeschoolers can purchase an individual copy on CD while most traditional schools will require a network license.

Digital Frog Dissection Software (4 out of 5)

The Digital Frog virtual dissection software allows students to learn how to properly dissect a frog. Students then watch a full screen video of a frog dissection. Following the dissection, a lesson in anatomy is presented. Animated body parts come alive to demonstrate various systems. The frogs systems are then compared to human systems. Finally, ecology and environment of the frog are presented to students so they can see that all of life is intertwined.

As far as dissection software goes, Digital Frog presents the process of dissection adequately. The lesson is straight forward and the ability to view a proper dissection is an important feature of the software. As with any virtual dissection, student’s mistakes are easily corrected thus reducing waste in the wet lab.

Accessibility (3 out of 5)

Students can access Digital Frog in their classroom or on the school’s network. There are no provisions to access the software from home. Homeschool students get a single CD to use. The single version cannot be accessed over a home network. This limits a student’s ability to redo and review concepts learned in the classroom. Pages from the workbook can be printed and taken home or used for offline study.

Cost (2 out of 5)

The cost of Digital Frog depends on the type or program required. The home version starts at $90.00 but discounts are sometimes available through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op or through the National Science Teachers Association. A school network license starts at $150.00.

When you compare the cost of Digital Frog to other virtual dissection software, you will see that offers a better deal. Not only is it less expensive than Digital Frog, but it is more versatile and offers more dissection opportunities. You can read Using for Virtual Dissections: Software Review to find out more information on this software.

Digital Frog can save school systems money. When compared to the cost of supplying a wet lab for frog dissection, Digital Frog is a wiser financial choice. In addition it removes safety hazards associated with sharp dissection tools and formaldehyde. For the home user, Digital Frog offers the ability to perform and view a frog dissection. Without virtual dissection software, home dissections may not be feasible as providing a safe wet lab at home is difficult and expensive.

Conclusion – Good Software but Expensive

Although Digital Frog is an adequate virtual frog dissection program, when compared to similar programs it is expensive and less versatile. School dollars must be spent with care, and any purchase should try to get the most “bang for the buck”. Before deciding on a virtual dissection program, each school must consider the needs of the students. Be sure to check out any free demos available. Digital Frog offers a free demo on their website. Personally, I prefer to Digital Frog.