Economics Education Software: How to Incorporate Your High School Schedule Using LavaMind Products

Economics Education Software: How to Incorporate Your High School Schedule Using LavaMind Products
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How to Incorporate Economics Education Software into Your High School Class Schedule

You can incorporate economics education software into your class easily, by allowing the students to become the explorers. High school-age students are very good at working in groups. It fosters their natural social needs, while maintaining interest in their learning.

Have them problem-solve and teach one another. There are two programs that facilitate this easily and effectively for your students. The process will reinforce core concepts for your students and allow them to extend their learning for an enhanced learning experience. The best learning experiences are those that allow your students to become engaged actively in their learning process.

“Gazillionaire” (5 out of 5)

The game “Gazillionaire” is an excellent choice for your classroom. This is economics education software for your high school students. It is a wonderful tool for reinforcement of the core concepts for your classroom.

The core concepts that it covers are:

  • Economics
  • Math
  • Business
  • Some Logic

You can download LavaMind’s games by clicking this link.

Some ideas to incorporate this game into your class schedule would be:

  1. Start the day with a brief review of the core concepts, which you can choose based on your school requirements.
  2. Then assign partners for the game as “business teams”.
  3. Have them go into their “business teams” and create a basic plan for how to make a business a success. All you need here is a basic outline from the students.
  4. Have them name the business.
  5. Allow each student to take a turn playing the game and using the outline that they have created. This allows them to see how the business that they have created holds up to the game. The game will test the business outline and their ability to formulate a basic plan for their success with that business.
  6. Conclude the project with a presentation of their business and how successful or un-successful it would be in the real world.

“Zapitalism” (5 out of 5)

The economics education software “Zapitalism” is a continuation from “Gazillionaire”. It follows the same idea of teaching the students the core concepts of economics in practice. It offers you as the teacher a hands-on chance to guide your students through an experience of creating a business and maintaining it.

It covers:

  • Economics
  • Math
  • Business
  • Some Logic

You can download Zapitalism for your students for free here.

Some ways to incorporate this game into your classroom schedule would be:

  1. Have the students break into their business groups.
  2. Have them work on how to buy, sell and price their products for profit.
  3. Have them discuss how they would improve the profit margin of their business.
  4. Have them then present to the class how they improved the profit margin of their business.

Wrapping It Up

Why not give these products a try? The students will gain a better understanding of economics as these games serve the purpose of creating an engaging opportunity to learn. Studnets who are engaged will more quickly retain the core concepts you are teaching them. It is up to you to guide them. Allow your students to teach one another.


Personal experience of the author in classrooms.

Image courtesy of LavaMind