Nouns and Adjectives: A Fun Lesson Plan Where Students Make "Wanted" Posters for Themselves

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This lesson plan is a more complex version of teaching nouns and adjectives. Depending on the skill ability and age level of your students, you may be able to use this fun-filled lesson plan activity to reinforce the more simplistic lesson plan. This lesson plan will likely take students about forty-five minutes to complete. It makes an excellent Friday learning activity.


If students understand the basic definitions of nouns and adjectives, then they should not have any problem with this assignment.

  1. First, explain the definitions of each part of speech.
    • Remind students that nouns are things you can hold in your hand as well as those abstract ideas you are unable to hold in your hand, like pride, vanity, greed, etc.
    • Remind students that adjectives are words that describe nouns.
  2. Give students examples of both nouns and adjectives.
  3. Tell students they are to create a wanted poster of themselves. It would be helpful if students brought in a school picture of themselves.
  4. Tell students they are to paste or otherwise affix a picture of themselves to a piece of paper on which they can write.
  5. Below their picture, they are to use adjectives to describe themselves.
  6. Allow students to decorate the paper.
  7. Adorn your classroom walls with their beautiful creations.

A Fun Activity

Just because it is a wanted poster, does not mean students have to be wanted for some horrendous crime. Rather, this is a fun activity. Students will ask…wanted for what?

Your possible answers:

sleeping in class during today’s lesson

talking during instruction

skipping in the lunch line

failing to come prepared to class

walking into class tardy or late

writing during instruction

failing to pay attention during instruction

placing head on desk

disrupting those students who are attempting to pay attention

texting on cell phone

watching the clock tick

checking out another student

tapping writing instrument on desk

wishing it were time to go home

wishing it were Friday night