Writing a paper on “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” the Easy Way: Three Ideas for a Unique Essay

For any book report or essay that you find yourself having to pen, there are several different styles to work in. Since this book is very popular, choosing a report format that compliments your words is paramount to truly give your teacher singular grading. Take an idea from the following lists of styles for guidance and apply it to the book to get started with writing a paper on Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Trust me, this is the best way to get an A.

Cause and Effect Essay

Take an event in the civil rights movement that happened to explain a cause and effect relationship between life in the 1930’s in the heart of the deep south for black Americans and said event. Looking through your textbook, you are sure to find several topics to begin research before writing. One topic would be the integration of school systems and the long road freedom fighters and civil rights leaders took to come to a final resolution in equality in education. From the book you will remember schools were segregated in Spokane county in 1933 and that black children were educated in harsh contrast to white students from the school buildings they were taught in to the transportation used for school.

Use an aspect of this book theme as a part of the cause portion of your paper. Compose an essay that gives facts with supporting examples of each one. before you start, decide whether you are writing to inform or persuade the reader. If you choose to go with angle of the former, consider a call for action to conclude your paper.

How to write a cause and effect essay

Collage Book Report

A picture puts into words thousands of things we cannot or do not have the time and space for to say. A collage book report is a good format in assignments where creativity is encouraged and appreciated but be sure to get the approval of your teacher before starting a report in this manner. If you receive an okay to start a collage report, take care to cover each component asked of by your instructor.

Pictures from the past and present can say so much about Roll of Thunder that a classic book report cannot. Take a white character from the book and tell a news story with photos found on the web or a school library (a university library is a good choice here). Characters Jeremy Sims and the Wallace brothers make very good choices for guiding your collage. For Jeremy, make a timeline collage to create an imaginary, life story of this character. Start by gathering pictures that depict some of the things that happened to him in the book and continue from there. Did he rebel his family further as he grew up? What kinds of risks did he take in life and how far did he go with them?

Personality collage book report guidelines

Persuasive essay

For sure to get your instructor’s attention, writing an essay on Roll of Thunder takes a different angle to the themes in the book. The persuasive essay requires you to argue your position and persuade your readers into viewing a point from a new perspective with supporting facts for your argument.

Take the time to jot down a few of the major points of the story. You can get some ideas from the famous quotes article in this series linked below. If you chose to use this quote,

"Biting the hand that feeds you. That’s what you’re doing Mary Logan, biting the hand that feeds you." Again Mama laughed. "If that’s the case, Daisy, I don’t think I need that little bit of food."

Prepare an outline of an essay that opposes Mary Logan’s stance in this exchange. Then dissect Ms. Crocker’s line of thinking by tracing its origin to develop your argument. There are many people who side with both characters on the issue of blacks having to use hand-me-downs of basic essentials from whites. In this essay, your task is to write a paper from this side of the argument, from either the black side of the debate or the white.

You may find that neither of the suggested paper formats works for you or you may feel that the angle I have applied to each style of paper does not suit your tastes. If alternative ideas are what you need, check out this article explaining various essay styles adaptable to your assignment requirements.

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