A Fun-Filled Fitness Unit for Physical Education

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A Physical Education Fitness Unit

Students should always be encouraged to stay active in their lives and build a desire to keep fit. Often times, this can be initiated through gym class. In this fitness unit for physical education, we will be exploring personal fitness activities within a group setting. Once the students have completed this unit, they will have gained an awareness of how to bring more activity into their daily lives. This will be accomplished through the use of assessments and challenges that have the students competing against themselves, rather than each other.

Unit Overview

This series of physical education lesson plans are designed to cover fitness activities geared to elementary school students. The students will sample a variety of skills and exercises that can be pursued life-long.

Fitness activities that will be highlighted in this series include classics such as running and jumping rope, as well as instructions for skills and drill type activities. Goal setting and individual fitness will also be addressed in a lesson plan that targets life long fitness.

Running clubs are another way to encourage fitness. This lesson highlights ways to incorportate a club-like feeling in the time allotted for class. Since often times it is not possible for the students to meet before or after school for fitness, this lesson shows a fun way to include running games and activities in your curriculum.

Unit Objectives

Students will learn:

  • fun warm-up routines
  • how to set goals and chart progress
  • new exercises and skills using a jump rope
  • to pass and catch while running with a partner
  • simple map skills

Students will demonstrate;

  • warm-up routines
  • new jump roping skills
  • improvement in their written goals
  • how to pace themselves while running

Materials Needed

For each lesson in the unit, students will need the following materials in order to play the games, perform these fitness activities, and keep track of their handouts.

  • File folder
  • Writing utensils
  • Jump ropes
  • Bean bags for tossing

Selecting Teams

Many of the activities in this unit involve separating into teams. Here a few fun ways you can divide the class up to create even teams:

Colors of the Rainbow

Keep a shoebox of colorful ribbons or strips of construction paper. Have the kids randomly pull one ribbon out at the beginning of each class. The color they choose is the team they are on. Doing this each class period is a good way to ensure a new set of teams each time.


Dividing the students into teams before they arrive for class is another way to divide up fairly. For lessons where there is a definite skill disparity between classmates, making sure the teams are even by taking control of this aspect can be helpful. Simply announce the teams; Dolphins, Tigers, Bears, Lions, or any animal of choice.

Sneaky Teams

This works well at the beginning of the school year, or whenever you see cliques forming. Ask the students to pair up. Then walk around the room, taking one student from each of four different pairs to make a team.

Lessons Plans Within Unit

In this fitness unit for physical education classes, we will be covering lessons on goal setting, jump rope skills and running activities. In each lesson, students will learn a new warm-up routine, new skills regarding specific activities, and will be able to chart their progress and set goals for themselves. All of these elements of fitness are essential to developing a healthy lifestyle for your students

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