4 Ideas for Math Review Games That Will Prepare Your Students for the Test

Around the World

4 Math Review Games for the Classroom

Trying to help your students practice their math facts? Try “Around the World” as a fun review game. Start at one end of the room, having the student in the first desk stand next to the student in the desk behind him while you ask them a math question. The first student to answer correctly moves onto the third desk, and the other student sits down. Why is it called “Around the World”? Because eventually some students will make their way around the entire classroom, answering every question correctly.

Race the Clock

Divide students into two teams, and choose one player from each team to begin the game. Have students start at the back of the room, with a clear path between them and the blackboard. Write a math problem on the blackboard, and then say “Go!” The students need to run to the front of the room, solve the math problem, and drop their chalk onto the ledge. The first student to correctly answer the problem gets a point for their team.

Math Facts Bingo

Have students write numbers from 1-10 on a 3X3 grid, in random order. (They’ll obviously have to leave one out.) Then play “Bingo” by saying certain a math problem (e.g., 21 / 3), and have students cover the appropriate square with a piece of paper. The first student to get three in one direction wins one prize, and the first student to complete an entire board wins another!

Beach Ball Toss

Draw lines on a beach ball to divide it into many different segments. Write a number in each segment. Have students toss the ball to each other. When a student catches the ball, she should look at the numbers that are under each of her thumbs. Those are the two numbers that she needs to add together (or multiply together, or find the common denominator for) in order to toss the ball to the next student.

Have fun!

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