Fun Fall & Winter Outdoor Activities for Toddlers & The Whole Family

When fall comes around, finding fun family outings can be difficult due to the cooler climate. Younger children can also be easily frightened by the haunted houses and corn mazes that older children like. Listed below are some favorite family outings that are age appropriate for your toddler and also easy on your checkbook.

Fun for the Whole Family

  • Searching for the perfect pumpkin can be a fun and wonderful experience for your child. Together you can search for pumpkins to use in pies and other deserts, for jack-o-lanterns, or a pumpkin just for decoration alone. Many pumpkin patches also run hay rides which are a lot of fun and can provide wonderful quality time for your family.
  • Visiting an apple orchard can be both educational and rewarding. Showing your children where apples come from and the various foods they can be used in can be really fun. Many apple orchards provide an apple cider tasting, sell food products made from apples, and let you pick your own apples to take home.
  • Many parents dismiss a visit to a museum as a boring experience, fearing that it will not keep their child’s interest. Not only can a visit to a museum be educational for your preschooler, it can be fun as well. There are many museums designed especially to keep kids interested by housing displays that are relevant to the child’s interest, such as dinosaurs, the human anatomy, and pop culture. These museums also host fun, hands-on activities for the child to participate in, and some even have a gift shop.
  • Parents usually consider a visit to the zoo as a summer activity, but many zoos have special fall themes tailored to young children, including Trick-or-Treating at the zoo, or even a costume contest. Children love seeing and learning about the different animals at the zoo. Involving a special Halloween theme keeps the kids excited and makes them feel like they are part of a special event.
  • Many small towns hold festivals in the fall, such as Harvest Festivals, Apple Butter Festivals, Pumpkin Festivals, and many more. These festivals usually also hold a strong sense of tradition and can be a great way to start a discussion with your children about their favorite family traditions. Festivals can have booths set up with goods for sale and usually include activities geared towards young children like face painting or simple games so the children can win prizes.
  • Simply having a family picnic outdoors can prove to be a fun and fantastic outing. Pack sandwiches, healthy snacks, and plenty of fruits and veggies. The colorful leaves falling from trees can set a fun and festive mood for the picnic, ensuring a fun time to be had by all.

Have Fun!

Finding an activity that the whole family will love can be difficult in the autumn months. It doesn’t have to be difficult to find an activity that balances both fun and education. So grab a jacket, bundle up the kids, and get out to experience the many wonders that fall has to offer your family!