Two Fun and Easy Christmas Gifts Toddlers Can Make: Magnets and Hand Print Mousepads

Teach Toddlers About Giving

Teaching toddlers one of the of most important lessons of Christmas is easy when teachers incorporate the very important lesson of giving by combining it with a fun craft idea. Not only does arts and crafts time teach toddlers the importance of using their imagination but it is also the perfect chance to do Christmas gifts toddlers can make for parents. Toddlers will have a fun and productive time making gifts for their parents, and the parents will get a gift they can treasure for the years to come. Here is a look at a couple of easy and cute ideas.

Hand Print Mouse Pad

The first project simply involves using some kid-friendly paint and some basic solid-colored mouse pads. The idea for this craft is to have the toddler make a hand print on a mouse pad so their parent not only has something they can use at home with their home computer but that also has that cute element of their toddler's small hand print. To make this Christmas present teachers will need the following supplies:

  • Enough solid colored mouse pads for all the children in the class (can be bought at office supply stores or in bulk online).Teachers can try to add more Christmas spirit by looking for traditional Christmas colors such as red or green
  • Kid-friendly, safe paints to use in bright Christmas colors.
  • Get painters smocks, or send a note home before to the parents so the students can bring in an old t-shirt they do not mind getting dirty.
  • Some markers are needed to write the date, student's name and other important information.

To make this craft teachers should plan to start early in the day so there is enough time for it to dry. Toddlers simply need to put their hand in the paint and press it onto the mouse pad for about 10-15 seconds. Once they have done this teachers can help them clean up while the mouse pads dry. Later on teachers can help students write their name and date on the mouse pads and even wrap the present for Christmas morning.

Decorated Magnets

The second idea involves making parents a special decorated magnet for the refrigerator. This is a fantastic way to allow toddlers to show their creativity! The idea for this gift involves using simple magnets with a small paper cut out or foam cut out that the toddler has decorated with crayons or markers. The following supplies are needed for this craft:

  • Several large magnets (teachers should always avoid using small magnets as they pose a threat as choking hazards).
  • Enough glue for all the magnets and cutouts that will be used.
  • Several different types of pictures to be glued to the magnets that the toddlers can decorate (teachers will be able to find print outs from the computer as well as some special foam cut outs at craft stores). Teachers should try to stay with a Christmas theme.
  • Enough crayons and markers for all the students to decorate their magnet

To make this present, teachers should allow students to pick a picture or foam cutout for their magnet that they can decorate. Once they have chosen their cutout, teachers should assist the toddlers in decorating it with markers or crayons depending on the material of the cutout. Teachers should encourage the toddlers to be as creative as possible. Once the students have finished decorating their cutouts teachers can them assemble them onto the magnets by gluing them on. Teachers should be sure to write or assist the toddlers in writing their name and the date on the back of the magnet. Teachers can then help the toddlers wrap up the present if desired.

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