Three Wonderful Water Craft Ideas for Toddlers

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Water is all around us every day! We use it for personal use: bathing, brushing our teeth, washing our clothes and dishes, drinking, cooking, and watering our lawns. We also use it for many recreational activities, such as swimming, water skiing, water balloons, and much more. So why should school projects be the exception? This article provides water craft ideas for toddlers that will make your craft time a watery wonderland of excitement!

Shaker Bottles

Making shaker bottles is great fun for toddlers! Not only do they promote recycling, but they also provide hours of fun and entertainment for months to come. Begin by giving each student an empty 1 liter bottle. Next, provide the children with lots of supplies that they can choose from. Some possible options include glitter, plastic charms, rocks, and other small waterproof objects. The students can place the objects they chose into the bottle. Now have the students fill the bottle MOST of the way to the top with water from the sink. You may also add food coloring to the water to add more color and fun! Once the bottle is full, help the students screw on the caps as tight as possible. Once students are out of reach or gone for the day, use a hot glue gun to glue around the cap so that it will not leak. The children will love shaking these bottles and seeing their creations float around once the glue dries!


Waterflies are a different way of saying watercolor painted butterflies. Begin by giving each child a large piece of waxed paper, a white coffee filter, and a paintbrush. You will also need to provide each table of students with a cup of water and a 8 piece watercolor paintset. Now have each student paint the coffee filter, which will serve as the wings of the butterfly, in the colors and pattern of their liking. When the students are finished, write their name on the waxed paper and lay the filter on it to dry. Once the coffee filters are dry, fold it back and forth like a fan. Then wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle and curl the ends like antennae. Lastly, have the students fan out the wings. They will love these beautiful creatures, and they make excellent decorations to hang from the ceiling!

Splash Ball

Splash ball is not just a fun water craft, but it is also an exciting game! This activity should be completed outdoors. Begin by finding a long, sturdy surface, such as a fence and covering it with a large sheet of light colored piece of butcher paper. Now fill a few buckets with a mixture of one-third tempera paint and two-thirds water. Give each student a soft Koosh ball. The students will then dip their ball in the paint mixture of their color choice and throw it against the paper. The students may then retrieve their Koosh ball and do it again until the majority of the paper is covered. This will make a unique class collage that the students will have a blast creating!

These ideas are just the beginning! Water is a renewable and easily accessible resource. Take full advantage of that resource as you plan art projects for your classroom. Have a wet and wild time!