Three Fun Toddler Crafts that Incorporate the Letter T

Three Fun Toddler Crafts that Incorporate the Letter T
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Toddler crafts with an alphabet theme need not be limited to learning about written letters. Such crafts can also focus on words that begin with the sound represented by a letter. The following simple but fun crafts focus on both the written letter T and the sound of the letter T.

Letter T Picture Frames

Decorating a picture with a letter T border is a creative toddler craft that introduces young children to the shape of the written letter T as well as results in a cherished keepsake for parents.

Materials: cardstock, self-adhesive foam Ts (capital and lowercase) or letter T stickers, double-sided tape, photographs of the toddlers

Preparation: Use the double-sided tape to tape the photographs of the toddlers onto the center of the pieces of cardstock.


  • Give the toddlers the cardstock with their pictures.
  • Show the children how to stick the foam letter Ts around the photos as a border.
  • Carefully supervise to prevent the children from destroying their photos with adhesive.

Optional: Use a photo of the child that contains things that start with the letter T. Ideas include towels, tractors, turtles, and trees.

Felt Teddy Bears

Teddy bears made from felt are a fun letter T craft that allow toddlers to develop their fine motor skills as well as their understanding of clothing.

Felt Teddy Bear and Felt Clothing

Materials: brown felt, other colors of felt, scissors

Preparation: Cut a teddy bear shape out of the brown felt. Cut shapes that resemble clothing out of the other colors of felt.


  • Give each toddler a felt teddy bear and some felt clothing.
  • Allow the children to dress their teddy bears.
  • Use this craft as an opportunity to talk about clothing such as what piece of clothing is worn where and what clothes are worn when. For example, socks are worn on the feet, and a coat is worn during the winter.

Optional: Let the toddlers glue pieces of clothing onto their teddy bears for a permanent craft.

Clean Teeth

Even children as young as toddlers can learn about the importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy with this fun craft that also teaches them about the letter T.

Materials: thick paper, yellow crayons, white nontoxic paint, paint brushes

Preparation: Print an image of a mouth with teeth on the paper.


  • Give each toddler a teeth printable.
  • Instruct the children to color the teeth yellow.
  • Then give each child some “toothpaste” (white paint) and a tooth brush (paint brush).
  • Help the children brush the yellow teeth until they are sparkling and clean.
  • Carefully supervise to avoid consumption of the paint.

Introduce toddlers to both the written letter T and spoken letter T sound in a daycare setting or even at home with these three fun crafts.