Planning Colorful Toddler Projects For Easter

In the month of March or April, toddler room teachers often include Easter-themed projects as part of arts and crafts time. Toddler projects for Easter can be tailored to the skill level of small children and can be made with a variety of materials. Teachers can also use these crafts as a basis for teaching toddlers about common symbols of Easter such as baskets, colored eggs, and the Easter Bunny.

Creative and festive ideas for toddler Easter crafts and projects include the following:

Bunny and Easter Eggs Craft

Materials needed:

Template of Easter Bunny carrying an empty basket (1 per toddler)

small colored cotton balls (assorted colors such as pink, yellow, and blue)

school glue

crayons (in pastel or bright "spring" colors)


1) Give each student a paper bunny-and-basket template, and instruct the toddlers to color the Easter Bunny and basket with crayons.

2) Assist the children in gluing an assortment of colored cotton ball "eggs" into the Easter basket. Depending on the size of the template, the toddlers can decorate their cut-outs with just a few cotton balls or a larger assortment.

3) When the glue has dried, decorate the classroom with these toddler art projects or send them home for parents to display.

Painting a Paper Egg

Materials needed:

egg cut-outs made from thick paper or posterboard (1 per toddler)

watercolor paints or tissue paper in assorted colors

cups of water

paintbrushes (if using watercolor paints)


1) Give each child a paper egg. If using watercolor paints, allow the toddlers to dip their paintbrushes in water and decorate their Easter eggs with many colors.

2) If using tissue paper to "paint", show the children how to dip pieces of tissue paper into water and use the wet tissue to dab color onto their paper eggs. Supervise the toddlers as they have fun "painting" with different colors of tissue paper.

3) When the paper eggs have dried, add them to a bulletin board as part of an Easter display.

Play-Doh Easter Eggs

Materials needed:

Play-Doh (assorted colors)

Easter basket (for classroom display)

plastic "grass" (for basket)


1) Set a few handfuls of Play-Doh (in several colors) in front of each toddler. Show the children how to roll the Play-Doh between their palms to form an egg shape. The toddlers can mix their Play-Doh colors together to form new colors, or roll each color separately and then combine them to make multicolored eggs.

2) Once each child has had the chance to create a few Play-Doh eggs, place all of the eggs into an Easter basket filled with plastic grass. The toddler classroom now has a colorful egg display (that won’t spoil!) for parents to enjoy.

By planning toddler projects for Easter that are fun for small children to make, teachers can encourage a sense of excitement about the upcoming holiday. Easter and springtime crafts add bright and cheerful bursts of color to the classroom as well!