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Get Together for these Toddler Circle Time Songs

written by: Finn Orfano • edited by: Jacqueline Chinappi • updated: 9/11/2012

Circle time songs are the perfect way to start the school day, or to switch classroom focus. Read on to learn some toddler circle time songs to use in your classroom today!

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    Circle Time

    Circle time is a technique many teachers use to start their school day. Often this means singing a song when gathering together, saying hello, learning the calendar or even the weather. Some teachers use these songs throughout the day as a transition towards the next activity. Whatever the reason, these toddler circle time songs are a helpful addition to any classroom!

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    Good Morning to You!

    Sung to the traditional tune "Happy Birthday to You," this song is a great way to start the day. Starting off in a circle allows for a morning routine. Once everyone has their circle time seats and sings this song, you can go on to other classroom activities and lesson plans.

    Good morning to you!

    Good morning to you!

    Hello everybody!

    How are you?

    The day has just begun!

    It is time for circle fun!

    Tell your neighbor good morning,

    And let us get started today!

    (Then say good morning to each other)

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    Back to the Circle

    Toddlers are notorious at saying the word "no." Any teacher can tell you that it can be difficult moving students from one activity to the next, especially if the child loves what they are doing. Use this circle time song to make a smoother transition. Allowing your students to stop what they are doing and switch gears through song offers a gentle shift to the program. It becomes fun to put the paints or toys away, come to the circle, and move on to another activity.This song will become an alarm of sort that time is up with whatever they are doing, that it is time to put away, and time to gather back to the circle. Once there you can discuss the next activity. Sing this tune to the traditional "Frère Jacques" song:

    Back to the circle.

    Back to the circle.

    Please sit down.

    Please sit down.

    Listen up everyone.

    Listen up everyone.

    In our circle on the ground.

    In our circle on the ground.

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    Now It's Time to Say Goodbye!

    Having an end of the day circle time song is a great way to wrap up the day's activities. It allows for some wind down time before caregivers arrive. It also teaches the children good manners by saying goodbye. In addition, offering a circle time song at the end mirrors the beginning of the school day and allows for the last transition: home.

    Our day is done,

    Goodbye my friends.

    To the left and to the right. (look around the circle at one another)

    Goodbye, Goodbye.

    Now It's Time to Go.

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    Create Your Own Circle!

    Toddler circle time activities and songs are useful in any classroom. Use these toddler circle time songs throughout your school day. Coming to the circle demonstrates togetherness and provides a routine. You can teach many concepts during circle time. Expand your horizons by coming up with some circle time songs to use in your classroom today!