Silly Songs for Toddlers Teach More Than Silliness

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Channel That Energy!

Teachers of toddlers or preschoolers know that these children have abundant amounts of energy. All day long they are running from one activity to the next. Teach them toddler silly songs and watch their imagination take flight. These songs are meant to be sung as silly as possible. Use different voices, instruments, costumes, and words (even imaginary ones) when singing these tunes. Watch you little ones laugh when wrong objects are used in place of known ones. Poetic license is a must when transforming your “musical masterpieces.” You are teaching toddlers to use their imagination, channel that energy and think outside the box!

For an Added Boost of Energy …

This song is a perfect energy outlet for any child. You can change the tune to fast or slow, soft or loud. Try using silly voices. This song works best in jump-starting the school day or at times when you can see your students (or maybe you) need a boost of energy.

Wacky Wiggle

Wacky Wiggle, Wacky Wiggle

While we sing this song!

Wacky Wiggle, Wacky Wiggle

You know you can’t go wrong!

Wacky Wiggle, Wacky Wiggle

Now our song is done.

Wacky Wiggle, Wacky Wiggle

That was allot of fun!

Happy Hygiene!

When the new school year starts, many children come down with colds, flu and other common easily transmitted illnesses. Hygiene is taught at the earliest of ages, but make the lesson fun! Use a silly song to show your toddlers proper hygiene. They will have a blast with this song because of its exaggerated movement, but you will be using repetition to drive home hygienic behaviors. When stating “ah-choo,” make it count. “Sneeze” into your upper sleeve (recommended action per the Center for Disease Control). Make the song silly by how loud, long or strange you “sneeze,” and know that you are teaching a hygienic skill at the same time.



Do I have a tissue?


Into my sleeve? Thank you!



Time to wash my hands!

Word Play!

Stretch your toddler students’ imagination by using a familiar traditional song like “Hickory Dickory Dock,” but change known words into silly ones. Sing this song as you would the original, but know that it will not be sung to the end! Once the children realize the silly word play of this song they will be eager to start the song over to interject their ideas. This song can be sung over and over again allowing for each student to have a chance at the fun! Use other commonly known traditional songs in this manner to expand on their imagination possibilities. It is amazing to hear what the children will come up with. You are also giving them the added benefit of thinking outside of the box, but in a silly way!

That’s Not Right!

Hickory Dickory Dock

The mouse ran up the _____________ (chair, teacher, child’s name, cloud, etc)!

Silly Fun!

These toddler silly songs will be a hit in the classroom. Use your own imagination and come up with some of your own. Silly songs are a welcome addition to any classroom themes, and can strengthen learning processes.