Poems for Toddlers: Fun, Simple, and Easy to Remember!

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Educational Poetry

Poems are a great way to introduce concepts to students. These poems for toddlers are a sure-fire way to celebrate and educate little ones on any holiday season. These poems are fun, simple and easy to learn! They can be used to enhance a winter or Christmas theme in the classroom, as part of a school play, or for any classroom theme. Remember repetition is the key, so start early. When possible add your own touches such as movement or pictures. You could also explore your creative side and come up with some poems of your own for any festive occasion!


First I made a snowman,

But he started to fall.

Then I made a snowball.

Watch Out! (throwing motion)


Spring, Spring, Spring (start this poem in a squatting position, then gradually “grow” taller.)

Springtime! (jump!)

Rainy, muddy, sometimes sunny.

Look for birds and bunnies.

Spring, spring, spring, (again, start this poem in a squatting position, then gradually “grow” taller.)

Springtime! (Jump!)

Christmas Tree

Oh beautiful Christmas tree!

You cast such a lovely glow.

With lights in wonderful shades,

And a star of yellow.

Happy, Sad, Sometimes Mad!

This poem works perfectly when teaching about emotions!

Sometimes I feel Sad. (make a sad face)

Sometimes I feel Mad. (make an angry face)

Sometimes I feel Glad,

Which means…happy! (say this part loud while making a smiling face)


Santa is coming tonight.

All are searching the starlight. (place your hands as though “looking”)

Naughty or nice we should see.

Through presents under the tree.

All will be known tomorrow!

Learning Our Colors

This poem will work well with props of fruit or pictures of a fruit bowl. If your toddlers are having difficulty with the length of this poem, start with a couple of colors. Increase the colors when possible. This poem could be used during any fruit or color themed unit.

Red is the color of an apple.

Orange is the color of an orange. (laugh)

Yellow is the color of a banana.

Green is the color of a pear.

Blue is the color of blueberries.

Purple is the color of the fruit bowl.

Now it’s time to eat!


Happy Birthday Jesus!

You were born on Christmas Day.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy are we today!

(The louder the better!)

Explore Your Creative Side!

Coming up with your own poems for toddlers are a great way to add your touch to any holiday or classroom themed lesson plan. Try to keep your poems simple, easy to repeat, and offer movement when possible.

Challenge yourself to think outside of the box when coming up with your own poetry. You will be amazed how much fun you are having and how eager you will be to share them with your students. You will have the added advantage of forming your poems to your planned area of study, play or celebration. Poetry can also be used during circle time activities.

However you choose to go about sharing poetry to your class, know that you will also be educationally fun concepts along with them!

Source: Personal experience

Poems by author, all rights reserved