Sheep Paper Bag Puppet Preschool Craft

You can use this sheep toddler craft as part of a unit on farms or animals. It can also be done by itself. This craft will help teach your toddler class all about animal sounds, especially the sound a sheep makes. You can also teach about a sheep’s wool.


  • Brown paper lunch bag—one per student
  • Outline of a sheep face—one per student
  • Cotton balls—several bags
  • Glue
  • Bowls
  • Scissors
  • Crayons/markers
  • Black tempera paint or black food coloring (optional)
  • Large googly eyes (optional)


If you decide to let your students choose to do a black sheep, you will need to dye some cotton balls black before you do this craft. You can use either black tempera paint or black food coloring to dye the cotton balls. You can make black food coloring by mixing red, blue, and yellow food coloring together. Dye the cotton balls and then let them dry completely before doing the craft.

Pass out an outline of the sheep face and scissors to every student. Have students color the face and then cut it out. Then, pass out the brown paper bags and glue. Have students glue the sheep face onto the bottom flap of the brown paper lunch bag. Then, have students glue the googly eyes over the eyes if you are using them. After that, pass out bowls of glue. Have students dip a cotton ball into the glue and place onto the bag. Have students continue to do this until their bags are covered with cotton balls.

These puppets make a wonderful teaching tool. Use them to teach animal sounds. Teach your class that sheep make the “baa” sound. Then, let them act out the sound using their puppets. Sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm, letting the students act out the sheep part.

Let students act out Mary Had a Little Lamb or Baa Baa Black Sheep. You can be Mary or let other students volunteer to play her. You can use a doll from the free play center or print out a picture of Mary to use. If you decide to use a picture, color it. Then, cut it out and glue a craft stick to the back of the picture. If you want to put on a puppet show, an easy way to make a stage is to use a table in your classroom. Cover it with a green cloth to use as grass.

Your toddlers will love making these sheep puppets and will enjoy playing with them while learning all about the sounds they make!