Toddler Prayer Crafts: Make Your Own Prayer Book

Use these toddler prayer crafts to teach your toddlers about prayer. These crafts will help your students learn about what is asked for during prayer time. They will also encourage them to learn a prayer to say before meal times or to learn a familiar prayer of your choice.

A great addition to these crafts is to do a mini lesson on prayer. Teach your toddler class how to make prayer hands by folding their hands together. Talk about what kind of behavior is acceptable during prayer. Explain that people are quiet during prayer because we are talking to God. You could even say a prayer together, or you could lead the class in a short, simple prayer.

Materials for Prayer Craft

Construction paper (9×12)




Hole punch


Stapler (optional)

Glue stick (optional)

Procedure for Prayer Craft

This prayer craft will work out best if done over a few days or a few class sessions. Trace and cut the handprints on the first day. Then, finish it up the following day.

Pass out a sheet of construction paper to each student in your toddler class. Go around with a pencil and trace each student’s handprint onto the construction paper five times. Each toddler will need five copies of his handprint for this prayer craft. After tracing the handprints, cut them out.

Talk to your class about prayer. Share some common things that you pray for. Pass out three handprints to each toddler. Have them draw a picture of someone or something they pray for on each handprint. You can use one or both sides of the handprint. Label each toddler’s pictures.

Collect the handprints and bind the handprints together to create a prayer book. Use the two remaining handprints for a front and back cover. You can bind the book by punching two holes in the handprints and tying them together with yarn. You can also bind the book with a stapler.

Before you pass out the prayer craft to your students, write a common prayer on the front cover that your class will be familiar with. A great prayer to use is:

Thank you for the world so sweet,

Thank you for the food we eat.

Thank you for the birds that sing,

Thank you God for everything!

Use Photos!

Another craft option is to have your students bring in photos of families, friends, and pets. Be sure to explain that the photos will not be returned. Trim the photos so they will fit on the handprints. Have students glue the photos to the three handprints. Label each photo. Again, you can use both sides of the handprints.

After completing these toddler prayer crafts, your students will have their very own prayer books to use during family prayer times. Read more about prayer crafts right here at Bright Hub!