Body Part Toddler Lesson and Activities

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These activities are great for a toddler class. They can also be used for a playdate with a group of toddlers, or even for a fun day at home with just the two of you. Toddlers will learn their body parts in a way they will enjoy!

Fun with Faces


Googly eyes of various sizes

Fun foam in different colors



Glue sticks

Construction Paper (9 x 12)


Before you do this activity, cut out foam noses and mouths in different shapes and colors. Also, cut out different ears too. Cut out yarn in various lengths for hair. Place each body part into separate bowls.

You will also need to draw a big circle on each piece of construction paper for the face before you start. Then draw circles for eyes, a triangle for the nose, and a half circle for the mouth. Then, draw half circles where the ears should go.

Pass out construction paper to your students. Talk about where your eyes are. Then, pass out the bowl with the eyes. Have students pick out the eyes they want and glue them onto the face where they should go. Talk about where your nose is and pass out the bowl with the noses. Have students glue the nose on the face where it goes. Do the same thing for the mouth and ears. When you are finished, talk about where hair is and pass out yarn. Have students glue on the hair.

These make a great bulletin board. Title it “Funny Faces.” You can also place them outside for hallway decorations.

Circle Time Fun


Dolls from classroom

Small Band-Aids or stickers

Circle time is a great time to reinforce concepts that you are teaching, including body parts. Pass out the dolls to your students. Call out various body parts. As you call out body parts, have students cover that body part with the Band-Aids or stickers.

You can let students take turns being the caller. You can also let them place the Band-Aids or stickers on their own bodies as you call out the body parts.

Body Outlines


Sidewalk chalk

Butcher paper (optional)

Go outside to a place where you have plenty of room to draw with sidewalk chalk. You can also do this indoors with butcher paper.

Have the first student lie down on the ground. You will trace her outline. Do a chalk outline for every student. After that, call out various body parts and have your students color them in with the chalk.

Learning body parts is a developmental milestone for toddlers. These activities will also help build fine and gross motor skills.