Ant Lesson Plan for Toddlers: Book Suggestion & Activities

Ant Lesson Plan for Toddlers: Book Suggestion & Activities
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Hey, Little Ant

These ant activities are based on the book titled, “Hey, Little Ant” by Phillip M. and Hannah Hoose, along with illustrator Debbie Tilley. This book will help the children see life from the point-of-view of an ant. The idea is great for creating dialogue about their life and how they would feel if they were an ant and someone wanted to squish them.

This book overall will show them how to have compassion on the animal kingdom or on our insect population, which is a good thing. Your children will learn how to show that same spirit of compassion toward each other. I am sure that they will learn when it is necessary to show mercy on others that they share their planet with, whether they be human or are a member of the animal kingdom.

Ant Activities

  • Discussion - After you have read the book to your students, begin to ask them questions, such as; should the boy squish the ant? would you squish the ant? would you help the ant? how would you help the ant?
  • Song - Have the children stand up and clap while you teach them the song in the back of the book.
  • Coloring Page - Have them color a red or black Ant from this printable coloring page.
  • Adopt Ants For A Day - For no longer than a thirty minutes or so, adopt some ants from the nearest outdoor life surrounding your classroom. You can put some soil in the bottom layer (optional) of a clear container that has pin holes in the top and scoop a few ants inside the container. It may be better to get the larger ones so that they are easier to observe. Try not to keep them out of their environment too long - but long enough for you and your class to observe their size and make up. Caution: Make sure the lid is on tightly so that they don’t escape and warn the children not to play with them because they may bite.
  • Art Project - Ant Antennae


  • glue
  • two pipe cleaners
  • two red or black pom-poms
  • red & black construction paper
  • glue
  • stapler


  1. Cut the construction paper into two inch thick strips, for all the children.

  2. Measure the piece around their head and staple, twice.

  1. Roll the pipe cleaners around pencils and staple to headbands.

  2. Glue matching pom-poms to the ends of their pipe cleaners. For added fun the children can personalize their antennae with glitter or decorate with more pom-poms.

This ant lesson plan will help children look through the eyes of those much smaller than themselves. They are sure to be a little more enlightened about some of our planet’s tiniest neighbors - ants.