Three Alphabet Toddler Learning Activities to Compliment a Daycare Curriculum

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Recognizing the letters of the alphabet is part and parcel of virtually any toddler curriculum. Moreover, connecting the specific sound of a letter with its respective shape is one of the educational activities for a toddler that is considered a crucial precursor to reading readiness. It’s important to begin the process of getting toddlers familiar with letter shapes in preparation for kindergarten.

3 Educational Activities for a Toddler Working on Alphabet Skills

Some of these activities may coincide with tools used in a toddler curriculum; they are daycare activities that work just as well at home as they are enjoyable in a formal setting.

Tactile Letters

Purchase coarse sandpaper and print capital letter shapes on the back. Cut out the shapes and encourage your toddler to use fingertips to explore the shapes. The coarse texture enhances tactile memory and helps youngsters who are beginning to experiment with tracing letters to recall the direction of the various letter shapes. This is particularly helpful for oftentimes hard to remember letter directions, such as is the case with B, C, and sometimes also P.

Cut Up Letters

Educational activities for a toddler who is slightly older may involve the use of cut up letters that need to be put together again. Use a brightly colored piece of cardboard and write the capital letter shapes on its back. Draw a border around each letter, and then cut out the letters and their surrounding borders.

Next, cut in half the bordered letter shape. Mix all the alphabet halves in a bowl, and encourage your toddler to put the letters together again. This is one of the educational activities for a toddler that heightens letter recognition.

Preschool Computer Game

If your toddler loves Sesame Street and Elmo in particular, you will be interested to know that there are Elmo themed online preschool computer games that feature educational activities for a toddler working on the alphabet. The Keyboard-o-Rama in particular encourages toddlers to simply press any key on the keyboard, see the letter appear on the screen – in both upper case and lower case forms – and then hear a word that begins with the letter.

Interacting with Elmo makes this one of the fun educational activities for a toddler that is sure to keep her or him riveted for a prolonged period of time.