Alphabet Learning Games for Kids Online

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Starfall is a long time favorite web site for teaching about the alphabet. The site has a specific section dedicated exclusively to alphabet and phonemic awareness practice. In this part of the web site, children can select a letter of the alphabet. From there, a variety of words beginning with the letter are presented using pictures and animation and the words are included in sentences as well. The letter sound is emphasized each time the virtual “page” is turned by clicking on the arrow leading to the next screen. There are usually interactive activities for children to click on for each letter as well as some kind of culminating activity or game for each letter. Short vowels also have special songs on the page that students can listen to – the short vowels are shown in lower case at the bottom of the alphabet page. In addition, there is an ABC song to listen to that has each letter and sound presented.

PBS Kids

PBS is well-known for their educational broadcasting for young children. PBS Kids is an excellent resource for a wide variety of games and activities that include characters from their popular children’s shows. They have a special section dedicated to all of the alphabet games available at their web site. These games include letter identification, letter matching, and simple spelling activities.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price is a manufacturer of children’s toys and their web site offers an online game section with games geared for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. There are a few different alphabet games available including an ABCs zoo game for toddlers and a phonics learning game for preschool children. These games are interactive and include fun graphics and sounds.


Kneebouncers is also full of enjoyable online games for young children. Games cover a variety of topics and concepts such as shapes, colors, and more. There is one interactive alphabet game available at the site. This web site is nice for younger children because many of the games allow them to interact by simply pressing keys on the computer keyboard as opposed to using the mouse, a skill very young children have yet to master.

Additional Online Alphabet Games

A portion of Nick Jr.’s games are dedicated to letters and the alphabet. These games incorporate interactive games with favorite characters from Nick Jr. shows.

Literacy Center has a few online activities that allow children to practice letters and learning.

Whether you are looking to introduce letters at home or in the classroom or provide additional practice, these alphabet learning games for kids online are a wonderful resource for parents and teachers.