Preschool Alphabet Curriculum Kit

Learning alphabets can be a tough job for a little preschooler. Put together this preschool alphabet curriculum kit to help your child learn alphabets in an easy and fun way. Here are all the things you’ll need, and why you need them.

Curriculum Kit Contents

A- Z Flashcards (2 sets): Make your own set by cutting out equal pieces of thick card paper and writing alphabets on them in big bold letters. Use this to teach alphabet identification as well as alphabet matching.

Alphabet picture books: Collect some picture books where there are multiple pictures starting with each alphabet. Use this to teach children alphabet sounds.

Alphabet picture cards: Make a set of cards with the alphabet written in bold, and a picture with the word written under it. Use this to teach alphabet sounds.

Alphabet stencils: Use alphabet stencils to get children familiar with alphabet shapes.

Pencils, markers, pens, crayons and paper: Children first learn to scribble and color, then they learn to write. Encourage children to draw freely and label their drawings. Also give them structured writing tasks to develop pre-writing skills.

Notebooks with bold lines: these will help children to practice writing neatly and easily.

Play dough: Play dough can be used to help children make alphabet shapes. This is a wonderful way for hands on learners to learn alphabets.

Alphabet puzzles: Make or buy alphabet puzzles where children have to join the alphabet with a picture of an object starting with that alphabet. This is a fun way to learn and revise alphabets.

Story books: Read stories to children, and let them look at the words and the pictures. Stories are a great way to help children understand the meaning and value of written language. It is through this that children learn that print has meaning.

Letter paper, envelopes, and stamps: Help children understand the functional use of writing, and they’ll be a lot more interested in learning to write. Writing letters and pretending to post them is a great way to encourage children to use their newly learned alphabet writing skills. This is just an example. Create your own functional writing activities.

Chalk and board: Help children have fun with writing. It need not just be on paper and pencil. Write on sidewalks, whiteboards, or blackboards. Write large letters and tiny letters. Explore a variety of mediums to make writing enjoyable.

Sand trays: This is another great way to reinforce alphabet shapes. Help children make alphabets on sand trays with their fingers. This is a great way to teach children with dyslexia, down’s syndrome and other hands-on learners.

Learning the alphabet is the basis for literacy and writing. Spending time and effort to make your children learn it well will help your students throughout their lives. Some children struggle with alphabet shapes. Use a lot of hands on activities to teach them. Putting together this preschool alphabet curriculum kit will equip you to teach your child the alphabets in a fun, interesting and effective way. For more resources on teaching alphabets, read this article.