Teaching Playground Safety in Preschool: Tips & Worksheet

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Playground Safety

The most important rule is to take turns. It is important to teach children they must take turns and be patient to reduce the risks of accidents. If children do not take turns, injuries can occur because children are likely to begin pushing. Teach children to wait their turn no matter where they are in the play area.

Slide Safety

Teach children that only one person is permitted on the slide at a time. The children should never go down the slide with other children or while other children are on the slide. Explain to the children the proper way to go down the slide is sitting down and facing forward.

Teach the children to allow the first student to go down the slide before climbing the steps for the second child’s turn. Explain to the children they must never climb up the slide or on the edges of the slide.

Swing Safety

When a preschool playground is composed of swings, injuries are likely to occur, not only to the child swinging but the children on the playground as well. To reduce the injuries, teach the children they must always hold on with two hands while swinging. Make a playground rule that no child is permitted to jump off of a swing.

The children in the playground need to learn to watch out for children swinging. Explain to them the dangers of running in front of or in back of a child swinging. Teach the children to make large circles around the swings to avoid being kicked or knocked over by a child swinging.


When teaching playground safety, it is important to let the children practice the safety tips they have learned. Take a trip outside to the playground to allow the children to practice the safety rules they have learned. Watch the children to make sure they are all taking turns and following the set rules for the playground. Allowing the children to practice the rules before hand will cause them to put the safety rules into action during playtime as a natural habit.


This fun printable worksheet is a great way for children to learn about playground safety. It will allow students to use their new safety rules to fill out the worksheet properly.